Another sorry tabloid tale on the reds

The Three ClownsAfter yesterday’s ‘story’ from the Daily Mirror that Tom Hicks wanted to sell, Martin Lipton the writer of yesterday’s article, has decided to stick by his ailing story.

Tom Hicks was rumoured to be furious about the story which he dismissed out of hand, as did Rick Parry who called it a ‘complete load of rubbish’.

Today, the Daily Mirror, and Martin Lipton, suggest that DIC may be interested again.

He also went on to quote these three unnamed Liverpool ‘fans’:

“Both Yanks can XXXX off if they sack Rafa,” said one fan, with another adding: “These cowboys have taken a massive loan to buy the club. Where is the bloody investment?”

And a third suggested: “It would have been better if we’d sold to the Dubai consortium.”

Martin, I know plenty more Liverpool fans than you do and none of them were impressed by the way DIC took their time and decided to dump the club last minute.  Although Hicks and Gillette may have had a little spat with Rafa recently – Liverpool fans can appreciate that they are investing in a world class stadium and are helping to improve Liverpool both on and off the field.

The three ‘fans’ you quote (if they even exist) are certainly not representative of our intelligent, loyal supporters.

Time to drop your story Martin before you lose all your credibility. 

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Another sorry tabloid tale on the reds

  1. I think all this Rafa slagging off Hicks and Gillet has been blown way out of proportion! Yes, perhaps Rafa did say something publicly when perhaps he should have voiced his concerns within the club, and i bet if you asked him if he could turn the clock back a week he would,but as per usual the english circus act better known as the press has got the bit between its teeth, and won’t let go!

    Time for you and your mates to give it a rest Martin, before you cause some real damage!

  2. hope the DIC come back and this time buy the club coz the americans are full of crap and are just going to get the team into a lot of debt. the DIC have the money to splash out on players and stadium etc without getting the team into finacial difficulty, so in my opininon its about time them yanks p****d off and the DIC took over

  3. Would be great if DIC were interested again, as they have the financial muscle to give us the funds for the ground and new players without plunging the club into debt.

    Hicks and Gillette shouldn’t have bought the club if they weren’t prepared to invest heavily

  4. Most of these writers don’t have a clue.

    They’re mostly london based.. out of touch with reality, worrying more about the expenses and when they might next appear on the pointless Sky ‘Sunday Supplement’..

    Of course a more cynical person would point to todays Mirror that has a story about the nice people from Dubai.. maybe he was setting up another cock and bull story from his, in my opinion’s, useless paper??

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