Benitez warning to McClaren

Rafa Benitez today warned the England manager not to play the talismanic Liverpool captain if there are any major concerns over his fitness, especially if the player requires pain-killing injections to play.

It appears that England would need permission from Liverpool to administer such an injection to allow Stevie G to 'play through the pain'.

Benitez said today: "We have not taken any risks with Steven at Liverpool and I would not expect England to take any risks with him."

“We do not want Steven to play for England with any painkilling injections. We did that against Chelsea and it took four to five days for him to recover to be able to train again.”

Rafa appears intent that Gerrard will not figure in the first game, and only play in the second international if his foot has healed significantly as Liverpool have an important end to September with a tricky game in the Premiership against Portsmouth before the beginning of the League Cup and Champions League campaigns.

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Benitez warning to McClaren

  1. sorry! really seriuos typing mistakes! This is the real one! Absolutely I support Rafa’s point of view. Admittedly, Gerrard is an important player in England, and he also plays a very important part in Liverpool. The Red needs Gerrard unswervingly, the Champion League needs him and most importantly, the Barclay Penmanship needs the captain’s leadership. We cannot bear the risk of playing without Gerrard for such a long time. McClaren never concerns with what will happen in the future if Gerrard really gets hurt. I also understand that Stevie eager want to serve England and he has his own passion to his country. However, health is more important than national glory, this is acknowledged. By all means, I think Rafa’s really right! Stevie should have more rest! Let’s get rid of McClaren!

  2. I think that Rafa is right, Steven G should not play if his toe has not mended.

    I’m afraid that Steve McCLaren is only concerned with one thing and that is the fact that his job is on the line. He’s not really concerned with the players or their health.

    Maybe it would be a good thing if England don’t qualify for Euro 2008 at least that way we would get rid of McClaren and get a decent England manager.

  3. heard there is a strong possibility that steve g my play for england after taking a painkiller injection,really hoping he dont play as a injury at the england game could put him out of action for a while and that is 1 thing we cannot let happen,just hope steve mclaren understands rafa and does not play steve g,then again steve mclaren would basically do anything to save his job as england coach

  4. Well done Rafa. Liverpool have the first call on Stevie’s services, not Ingerland. As a Liverpool fan I don’t care about the national side much. If Liverpool players do play, then I want them to play well and not get injured.

  5. Medically, I believe you can recover from a broken toe quickly if you play again within 4 days breaking it, and then rest it. The break is still ‘fresh’. However, if you then play again and re-break it 21 days after initially breaking it (and 17 days after possibly re-breaking it against Chelsea), then it will not only take twice as long for it to heal, you also risk that it may never properly heal itself again. Does anyone (Rafa, the Fans – or McLaren want to risk that)? As Bobby Robson…..

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