David Moores steps down after historic Barcelona win

Liverpool Chairman David Moores has almost certainly presided over his last game as Liverpool FC chairman, and what a way to end his 16 years at the Liverpool helm.

The new owners George Gillett and Tom Hicks were at Anfield to witness tonight’s game and are expected to complete the take-over on March 12th.

David Moores had said prior to tonight’s game:

“I told the Barcelona president Joan Laporta last night that I couldn’t have picked a better game with which to bow out. It doesn’t get any bigger than Liverpool versus Barcelona at Anfield. Maybe it was meant to be this way.

“If we get through tonight, it will be one of the best nights we’ve ever had here, just as memorable as when we beat Chelsea. For me, it would be even more memorable under the circumstances.

We wish David all the best in the future in his role as Life President.  Not many Chairman will have been succesful enough to hand over a club having just knocked out the European Champions.

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David Moores steps down after historic Barcelona win

  1. Moore’s has been superb!

    he’s steered the club through one of its bleakest era’s throughout the 90’s and has stubbornly maintained our famous tradition and history throughout that difficult decade, when it could have been so easy to neglect it. Not only that, he and Parry, have always come up trumps with the big decisions. as much as houllier was right to leave when he did, fans are forever greatful to him for bringing back silverware on a regular basis. And, the success of the appointment of Rafa, is obvious!

    if the new owners can walk the fine line of having Moore’s passion for the clubs history, and invest our new financial power in the right places to ensure we progress, kopites should be confident that not too long from now, we’ll be bringing the trophy that really matters back where it belongs!

    nice 1 Mooresy lad!

  2. Congratulations to David Moores for 16 years as Chairman of Liverpool FC. What an amazing night at Anfield to mark the passing of an era. It would seem fitting now to become 6 times Champions of Europe to mark all that has passed and all that is to come.
    Well done David, good work. YNWA

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