Garcia and Torres trade planned for tomorrow

Luis Garcia - Fernando Torres dealLuis Garcia is currently in Madrid where he is expected to complete a medical for Atletico, whilst Fernando Torres has cut short his holiday to complete his Liverpool move.

Liverpool look set to pay the highest transfer fee ever for a Spanish player in football history plus obliterating Liverpool’s previous record transfer of £14.1 million spent on Djibril Cisse from Auxerre. Fernando Torres was due to remain on holiday until next week, and it is expected that following the conclusion of the deal which could occur tomorrow, he will return to his holiday – the Spanish players having only finished their domestic season in the last couple of weeks.

Figures for the Luis Garcia element of the transfer have been valued at between £4 and £7 million in different media reports. The two deals will be done separately with Torres expected to cost Liverpool £26.5 million.

23 year old Fernando Torres has been at Atletico for over half of his life, joining aged 11 and is club captain. Prising their ‘Gerrard’ away has been no easy task – but for the critics who suggested that Benitez was unhappy – to the doom-mongerers who suggested that there was NO money to spend then the reds have dipped in to their pockets to some extent, although Liverpool have recouped money through some significant player sales.

Luis Garcia has been a great talent for Liverpool, certainly in European competition, but it now looks like Liverpool really have taken a step up in their footballing ambition. Now that Rafa looks set to secure his ‘first choice target’ for possibly the first time in his Anfield career – he will feel an extra sense of pressure on his shoulders.

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Garcia and Torres trade planned for tomorrow

  1. watched torres for last 4 seasons,last year all the big clubs wanted him.i think he is a great signing and is much better than what we (liverpool)have had for years

  2. torres has signed defo for a total 30mill euros .20 mill english.. not bad bit of buisness by rafa and only 23years get defo and wright phillips.

  3. This is a great signing for Liverpool and a clear sigh of commitment from our new owners. Those whingers about the fee and evreything else they can think of really would be better off supporting Everton.

  4. Torres will be a good signing. But without Garcia Liverpool’s midfield is weaker. A good midfielder like Alves should also be signed.

  5. Yea, marky, and then we can buy Sherman Cardenas for the right and Lebohang Mokoena to play behind Torres and Johnson and then all we need to do is rename the club Football Manager FC.

  6. Im getting excited at this signing but as always i am trying to to pay to much attention to it all until i see it on sky sports news him standing in the tunnel with a scarf and top on, with the THIS IS ANFIELD above his head 😉

  7. Torres will be a class signing for us. Iv heard people doubting his record but i dnt think people need to worry as he will be our second striker next season, hel play in a similar role to Rooney. this will guarentee us around 15 goals because he is a clinical finisher and doesnt miss. This will also allow Dirk to return to his favourite role, the one in which he played at Feyenord and he will be our 20 goal a season striker.

  8. i agree this is a top signing(if it comes off!) but am really disheartened by those fans who now worry we are paying too much!!?!! there are no two ways about it- you pay peanuts you get monkeys….
    just cant belief some fans saying that we are now spending too much when just few days back everyone was demanding top signings. i really pity g & h to a certain extent. but YNWA

  9. “Luis Garcia is currently in Madrid where he is expected to complete a medical for Atletico, whilst Fernando Torres has cut short his holiday to complete his Liverpool move.”

    Whats your source for this??

    Editor: Spanish radio announced the return of Torres from his holiday – Garcia has been spotted arriving at Madrid by a user on the site

  10. Hey this is great news, however nothing is finalised till all the paper work is complete and he has actually signed on the dotted line.
    Who will be next????????

  11. Torres will be an absolute awesome signing. He is what we need for a title challenge next season. Now all we need is Eddie Johnson from usa (Kansas city wizards). He is absolutly class and would be awesome in the prem. He’s the MLS top scorer, ultra quick, strong in the air, and has deadly finishing!!!!

  12. Hey Hey Hey How long have we been waiting for this news? The deal could happen tomorrow and hope all goes well, anyway we are going to miss garcia,h e has been a good liverpool servent, can’t wait for the new season to start…………

  13. If this signing comes off,[Torres] which I think it will at last we are playing with the big boys in the transfer market. I think he will be a fantastic signing for the 5 times European Champions. He should give us 20 league goals easy. With Dirk Kuyt by his side this partnership, and the rest of the squad WILL push the Chelsea bum boys and the Scum at the top of the league. I don’t think we will win the title this season but we will come close. Remember Fowler and Collymore? that’s what we miss. A lethal partnership up front. Bring it on!

  14. I’ve heard lots of fans saying we’re paying too much for him, and his wages are too high, but if we really want to compete at the top of the Premiership, then we have to pay top prices for world-class players. Torres has been Atletico’s top scorer for the last 5 seasons, and has actually scored 20 league goals in a season, which is more than our ex-mighty-midget ever did.

    Bring him here, at any cost.

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