Liverpool sell striker for £2.7 million

Florent Sinama Pongolle sold to RecreativoRecreativo Huelva, the Spanish side that took Florent Sinama Pongolle on loan, have completed the deal for the Frenchman – handing Liverpool €4 million (£2.7 million).

Pongolle has had a superb season in the Spanish La Liga.

The French striker arrived at Anfield under Gerard Houllier’s reign and alongside Le Tallec was believed to cost a joint £3 million.  The figures declared by Recreativo indicate a small profit on Flo.

Pongolle has been outspoken in some of his criticism of Liverpool and Benitez since his loan moves which also included Blackburn Rovers. The player was famously spotted wearing an Everton scarf and declaring that the ‘people’s team’ in Liverpool was… Everton. Excellent career move.

We wish the player the best of luck at Recreativo, and Au Revoir.

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Liverpool sell striker for £2.7 million

  1. When did we become so bitter towards a former player? once red always red even if they dont realise it yet! just not good enough but all the best anyway !

  2. Diddy W think your forgetting the small matter of a goal against Olympiacos if he didn’t score that we would of been knocked out at the group stage and that would of meant no istanbul. so for that for he will never walk alone!!

  3. Promising player but for all the skill he had he didnt have the attitude to succeed at a club like our’s. Changed that game against Luton and scored the first against Olympiakos too, so I will always thank him for that.

    And NO ex-Red will ever walk alone!
    (except for Diouf!!)

  4. glad to see flo go.hope he stays in spain. he’s done nothing for us and doesnt deserve the red shirt of liverpool. he will always walk alone!

  5. could be a really great player and has real promise however is he better then pennant at dead ball passing or is he quicker…… bottom line he has never wanted to bea good player which is all he is until he proves himself, he hasnt done much to prove himself, so why does he sulk like most french players, we dont need that mentality in the squad, zenden has been a great squad example, so buy buy pongolla and get out ans stay out……

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