Parry intends to block UEFA changes

Rick ‘Slick’ ParryControversial changes to the UEFA Champions League suggested by new president, Michel Platini, could be blocked in part due to Liverpool’s stance.

Platini had wanted to reward domestic cup winners (in our case the FA Cup) with a place in the Champions League, in place of one of the qualifiers via the league.

In England, this would have meant the top three in the league and the FA Cup winners would qualify, with the fourth placed side missing out.

However, Liverpool, and apparently all the other main clubs in Liverpool are against this move.

Rick Parry, the reds Chief Executive confirmed:

“Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Newcastle all feel the same way.

“It’s not a question of self-interest by the big clubs.

“It’s just more of a lottery in the cup.

“There is a strong feeling the Champions League place should be based on Premier League performance.”

According to Parry the Premier League (obviously) is supporting the move.

My personal opinion is that Platini has a sensible idea here and it would revitalise the FA Cup tournament. In many cases the fourth placed side would still qualify as usually the FA Cup winners are already one of the top three clubs.

What do you think? Are Liverpool right to try and block UEFA’s proposed changes?

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Parry intends to block UEFA changes

  1. Platini wants only three teams from England, Spain, Italy and Germany in the Champions League. By letting the FA Cup winners enter is his way of achieving this through the “back door”. The last team to win the FA Cup from outside the ‘top four’ was in 1995. If Chelsea won the FA Cup [and finished second in the League] and Man Utd won the League, who would then enter the Champions League? I believe Parry and LFC are right to oppose Platini’s proposals but on the grounds outlined above rather than the FA Cup being a lottery.

  2. I think this is a distraction – 4th place or cup winner – it doesn’t make much difference.

    The hidden part here are the “inverted seeding” system for the 3rd and 4th place teams, now they suddenly have to play the best teams in the qualification rounds!

    Manchester United vs Milan in the Qualification round sound OK to me …….

  3. I think the reds are out of touch on this one.

    Rewarding FA Cup winners is much better than 4th place. I mean, for gods sake, even Everton have finished 4th once.

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