Reds sale increases defender crisis

Liverpool have confirmed the sale of Gabriel Paletta to Argentinian side Boca Juniors as both Sami Hyypia and Jamie Carragher are on the Melwood treatment table.

21 year old Paletta spent a season at Anfield - making 8 first team appearances but with opportunites limited (ironically probably not now) - the reds agreed to make his move to Boca a permanent one. The player had planned to spend a season on loan with the club and actually moved for his loan last weekend.

Paletta said:

“I’m very happy to join such a big club in Argentina. The expectations are huge. Now I will try my best to get into shape quickly so I can be ready for the manager”.

Meanwhile Sami Hyypia has been confirmed as having sustained a broken nose. Initial x-rays on Jamie Carragher were not conclusive and the player had further tests today. It has been confirmed that Carragher has sustained a broken rib, and a pneuomthorax - a potentially more serious injury. There is currently no date on when he will return but it looks likely to be at least 4 weeks.

Three central defenders disappearing in a weekend. Wonder if Heinze has got a buy-out clause at Madrid?

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Reds sale increases defender crisis

  1. even with dan agger at his best, the reds needed someone there to cover.
    as said before, someone young & versatile will have to be prepared to do battle.
    im sure players like sissoko and levia (whom i am yet to see) will be happy playing that role, but it then leaves us vulnerable at the back.
    curtis davies? vincent kompany? and if there is space at the back, micah richards, who looks chelsea bound…
    IMO heinze would have been good, he’s a nutter, but he is primarily a full back?
    ideally, jack hobbs 4m the youth team could come up, and godwin antwi has been doing well @ stoke….the future’s bright, the future’s red.

  2. Well, I also agree that Liverpool is now in a big peril… Although Agger plays well, it will be very dangerous with out Carra and Sami supporting the line of defense. Also, without Gerrard in the middle, Liverpool’s menace to the opposing team is lessen. So… what we can do is just to wish our team good Luck.

  3. I do hope that Liverpool go for Juventus’s Giorgio Chiellini NOW. He was always a much better option compared to Heinze IMO and I hope and pray that all that has happened will only push Mr Rafa and the board to pay what is needed for Chiellini. Pls please get this man, for now and for the future.

  4. It’s obvious that there is a truly need for an extra central-defence player in liverpool squad. I think Liverpool need a player like Kompany, who can take the role of Sami Hyypia when he leave, he is tall , he is a wall , he is good in the air , in corners he can score goals , he is 192 cm , and he is still young !

    I really hope Rafa will look to this option..

  5. yeah they badly need a back up defender even with sami, carra, agger are fit . young and vaersatile must be rafa’s priority .

  6. I strongly believe Rafa will ask our multi-role skipper to be in the center of the defence. Further more that is the position where Stivie started his football. But in many ways, if Rafa could bring in someone within a few days…it will be a big relieve for everyone. Cummon REDS..lets keep the faith together…we will crown champion this year.

  7. well hopefully someone from our youth team should make it in to the first team, havent been any since gerrard and carragher.

  8. There was already a huge requirement for a top quality centre back to supplement Cara and Agger. Now with the injuries and Sami past his best it is imperitive to spend money to bring in a top quality player.
    Benitez may think he has a strong squad but at the centre of defence it is weak and there is no cover. No additional centre back the title is a distant dream again.

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