Reds to go to Spain – but is Golf allowed?

After the Portugese training camp, where a karaoke session ended in a scuffle you would have thought that Rafa would have been steering away from team bonding sessions.

However that ‘holiday’ was followed by a superb European victory which effectively dumped tournament favourites Barcelona out of the competition on their own turf.

The reds will fly to a training camp in Spain on Tuesday afternoon where they will spend five days before heading to the heat of Athens.

Rafa isn’t expecting any more Karaoke fun this time around:

“When we did this before the Barcelona game it had a positive impact, although I know people talked about other things in the end,” he said. “The most positive thing is we can work together in a climate and in conditions which will be more like those we will face in the final.

“I know people will mention that [the Portugal incident] again, but it is not an issue. We are thinking only about doing the right things to prepare the players for the final.”

Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher are both expected to sign contract extensions before the final – in Gerrard’s case his new salary is expected to be around £120,000 per week. Jose Reina and Momo Sissoko are also expected to be rested for the Charlton game so they can concentrate on recovering their fitness at the training camp.

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