DIC confirm bid but the Texan’s still crazy

DIC today confirmed that they had made a £400 million offer to the two American chairmen to take control of Liverpool Football Club.

George Gillett is now resigned to losing his stake in the club as mounting fury from the Liverpool fans at the two chairmen have increased in recent months.

Hicks and GilletteDespite the club now being saddled with a huge amount of debt, work has STILL not begun on the new stadium and Liverpool’s net spending on transfers since their arrival has been at a miserly £15 million (all of it paid for by the banks and not Hicks or Gillett). Not only this but Liverpool are now paying £30 million interest annually on the American debt and this is only set to increase. With Champions League football not secured yet for next season – the reds have a ticking time bomb on their hands.

Tom Hicks, foolishly, has suggested in recent days that he is going to attempt to take over Gillett’s stake in the club which will no doubt saddle even more debt on to the Anfield giants. But DIC are offering them a way out and we would suggest that they take it.

Some weeks ago DIC had this to say:

“It’s no secret that we have been in discussions with the current owners,” said DIC chief executive Sameer al-Ansari.

“It’s not easy because they are in dreamland about valuations.”

Later, suggesting Gillett had come to his senses, al-Ansari confirmed that one of the partners

“had come out of dreamland.”

The plot thickens.

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DIC confirm bid but the Texan’s still crazy

  1. I have supported liverpool for 20 years, and i can honestly say i have never feared for our future as much as now. G&H have got to realise they do not have the Power or Resources to take our club where it needs to be. this is a quote from DIC when they found out their bid for our club had fallen through – ” Dic are an international global organisation with substantial resources who where willing to use those resources to restore Liverpool football club to their rightful place as the worlds biggest club” i think it was after this statement that David moores realised he had made a huge mistake and sold our beloved club to the wrong people. Dic mean business and they have the resources to build our new stadium and have the money so we can compete for the signatures of the best players in the world.

    The news that man city have been bought by another dubai billionaire ( who is not as wealthy as dic owner sheik mohammed ) is another blow to liverpool, it means we will have an even bigger task in reaching 4th place every year.

    Unless Tom hicks does the right thing and sells to dic we are in serious trouble – the stadium is already on the backburner and we are having to sell players so we can we buy.

    I fear there are dark times ahead for us Liverpool fans unless our saviours Dic can rescue us.


  2. Here is a copy of the letter I sent to Dubai Life in support of DIC takeover.
    My name is John and I have supported Liverpool FC all my life. I have followed them all over the Country and Europe. Witnessed their greatest Domestic and European Triumphs and heartaches too. I write to you today as a level headed but frustrated Devotee to the cause of putting my beloved football club in Safe Hands. As I write this e-mail to you, it has just been announced that our new and exciting stadium will now be delayed for the Short Term due to the Global Credit Crunch! Yet another Smoke Screen from our Yankee Owners who are not interested in the Fans passionate need for Success. As you know we the fans believe that Liverpool Football Club is on the brink of returning to the Glorius days of the 70’s and 80’s when winning everyrthing was taken for granted. In Raffa we have a great leader, a leader who is getting more and more dis heartened by the way this great club is being run by the Lone Ranger and Tonto! I along with many thousands of Liverpool Fans believe that with the current state of affairs at the club we are in danger of taking the Short Slippery Road to Disaster, by this I mean a Club with an illustrious history in turmoil and debt with no way back ala Leeds United (although not as big or as successful as us). My plea to you today is PLEASE come back and offer MORE money to the Greedy Bushites and bring us back from the brink and deliver us back to greatness. I speak on behalf of many Scousers who I believe would forever be indebted to you and your organisation. As the words of our famous anthem state, “at the end of the Storm there’s a golden Sky” you are the Golden Sky. Please Help.
    I/We await your response!!


  3. Surely by now Hicks must realize that the Club’s “loyal and passionate supporters” all unanimously want him to f**k off and die somewhere………preferably quietly !!!….therefore by even making this statement the only logical inference is that Hicks wants to rub our noses in it. My strong belief is that Hicks enjoys all the attention of being the tail that wags the dog. This leaves us only one true option. I’ve said this before guys and I’ll say it again (because I know this goes deeply against the grain for all of us) but in the short term we have to be disciplined enough, as a group, to completely boycott anything and everything LFC sells until Hicks gets the message. Half measures won’t work with this bastard and I’ve personally seen this coming for a while now. We can only force Hicks out by ensuring that the value of his “asset” (while it remains in his hands) becomes economically unsustainable for him to continue owning. Don’t forget that Hicks’s empire is under severe financial pressure and has numerous banks and financiers to answer to. Whether we realize it or not the reality is that Tom Hicks’s financial plans are all completely dependant on us supporters. We have it in us to just say “No” and put Tom Hicks in a hopeless position.

    On the issue of Gillett’s shares I find it very difficult to believe that the share sale position could be anywhere near as black and while as Hicks’s camp are making out. It would be the most onerous partnership agmt in history if it was. I read several reports last week to the effect that the talks between DIC and Hicks were designed to forestall a major legal battle with Gillett and DIC on one side Hicks on the other but not many people seemed to think Hicks was on strong ground. Therefore I don’t think we’ve seen the last of DIC (and I thank God for this) but it does mean that we have to play our part. Never before has LFC needed its fans to stand up as it does now.

  4. the usa owners should do the decent thing an sell up take the money and run i feel sorry for gillet as he has remained dignified the whole way through this mess, and as for hicks he should be sent to afghanastan and let the talaiban take pot shots at him. as for the chuckle brothers mr parry and mr moores they should be thrown in the mersey thy have made liverpool fc the laughing stock in world football they have taken us all over the world for potiential buyers and they still couldnt get it right. liverpool fc is the fans club mr hicks mr gillet chuckle 1 and chuckle 2 give the club back to the fans,if dic has the money sell to them liverpool fc needs to be challanging for the title year in and year out

  5. jane p said it all, you can protest untill your blue in the face but its water off a ducks back to these yanks, only direct action will make them sit up and take notice, once the $$$$$ start to dry up then they will wake up for thats all they care about. i will be cancelling anything to do with the club and boycott the shop as much as it pains me but i will not put a penny in the yanks pocket.

  6. More then anyone else its David Moores who must personally be held responsible for making a joke of this once proud club.Prior to the takeover last year Moores guaranteed fans of doing the right thing by the club but has done the exact opposite.As a result i have lost total respect for DM and never want to see his face again!.Its a nightmare situation now where only DIC can save the club or else in a few years Liverpool FC will be financially ruined and finished as a major European player and institution.

  7. I never ever thought I would say this about the club I love but the time may come soon when only direct action will do.

    I will buy no more merchandise,pull out of LFC tv and any other moneys that will go to the American owners if they stay in charge.

    This really hurts me to do such a thing but that man Hicks will do a lot of damage on top of what he has already done and so if I wake up to find that Hicks is staying then I am going and shall wait until Hicks leaves the club before I contribute again.

  8. I can feel how sorry George Gillette and son are for bringing Hicks on board.I get this feeling Parry rushed Gillette into finding a partner to fend off DIC in the first place last year.Gillette would love to give Liverpool back,as is no loss of money, because of what Hicks has done.I hold nothing against George and Foster Gillette,Hicks is just a life support system for spite.

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