DIC ditched by the Sheikh

sheik_mohammed_bin_rashid_al_maktoumAccording to newspaper reports, Sheikh Mohammed, is dispensing with DIC (Dubai Investment Capital) in the pursuit of Liverpool and instead planning to use his own money to purchase the club.

The Sheikh was originally believed to want to use the investment company as the vehicle to purchase the club.

This has led to the suggestion that he will be able to invest more heavily in the club than if was to originally be run as an investment.  DIC have rules on gaining control over a business, meaning it is in place to create profit as quickly as possible.

With Liverpool’s requirement for a new stadium this may not be the situation for DIC.

According to the Daily Mirror, Tom Hicks and George Gillett will not sell the club (that they bought for around £215 million last year) for less than £750 million.

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DIC ditched by the Sheikh

  1. get these american b******s out of the club they dont know nothing about football there after the money at least thearabs will spend sme not use it to make there stomachs big

  2. great stuff from sos on sat. but we need more. lets get the point across to get these horrible b*****ds out of our club. but lets not let it affect the great work rafa and the boys are doing on the pitch.

  3. please shiekh buy the damn club and throw the mother f***ing owners and bring the title and champions league to where it belongs to !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The nationality of our owners is irrelevant…the important thing is the the best club in the world prevails, let’s get owners that can realise our potential…they /we make money…
    we get on with continuing the glory of our past.Long live the Reds!!!

  5. If it is true about the money mentioned in the article that these Yanks wants £750m after paying £215 for the club thats pathetic. If they haven’t got the capital to invest then they should have enough respect for LFC just to move on, any profit is good business considering the timescale of the ownership. The PL should force them to sell, it’s a travesty for such a big club to be in such turmoil.

  6. Get these two Yankee, greedy, dishonourable fuc**n clowns out of our beloved club once and for all, they’ve dragged are reputations and historic football club through the shite for too long, All they care about is US $$$$$$$$, You pair of selfish, greedy bast***s £750,000,000 is a rediculous price they are taking the piss and holding potential buyers to ransom. All liverpool fans across the world in our millions need to boycott these ass holes, and put pressure on the RBS not to renew their loan in january and force them to sell to sheikh Mohammed for a fair price. Also the persons that brought these two idiots into are club in the first place should also be held accountable.

  7. empty seats at anfield game after gamer!!! boycott of the royal bank of scotland, no champiolsleague, that is what most be done 2 make the damn yanks 2 sell, its a hard task but that is what it takes!!!1

  8. Get the f***in yankees out of liverpool …. they got no football brains and don’t no f*** bout our tradition ……… get the hell out u greedy w***ers!

  9. It would be best if the Sheikh took over as soon as possible because he’s the correct man for the job!.For Allah’s sake get these yankee vampires out of Anfield!!

  10. Although it would hurt us short term, Don’t go to any games or buy any merchandise.

    Until there out because there would be no revenue they would have to sell I would hate them to walk
    away with 225 million profit each

  11. I personally blame Moores for this wanting a place on the board and a few extra quid f_ _k them all for almost 20 years of squat as far as the EPL title goes i hope those yankee pricks have to sell up at a huge loss and the sheik spend the savings on some big names!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. We have to face the facts that the people in control of our club are idiots and have no idea what this club is about, we are becoming a laughing stock, just look at newcastle.

  13. C’mon all LFC fans it’s time now to F… the 2 muppets out of LFC. There is no place here for then, they were destroying the club since they came.

    It’s just a SHAME that Moore and Parry Sold to these two clown that came from nowhere. Even an insane person would hav opted for DIC.

    So please all LFC fans it time now to help the SHEIKH taking control of our club. He’s a sportman and he WILL take LFC to a higher stage, that is for sure.. It makes think abt the Godolphin Stable

  14. I too hope Sheikh Mohammed buys Liverpool and I hope the deal can be agreed sooner rather than later. In today’s game it’s all about money the more you have the more likely you are too succeed. You still need to have someone who knows what they are doing and to purchase the right player. We need our stadium built asap no more delays, The stadium will help us generate the extra millions needed for us to compete with the Chelsea’s, Arsenals and now the both teams from Manchester.

    I think at the moment we have a very good side people keep saying Gerrard and Torres are world class and the rest of the team is mediocre. But in theory I think we have a side capable of winning the league I seriously do it’s a matter of playing the players at their right positions.

    This now leads me to ask whether Benitez is the right manager for this club.

    I mean last season we drew far too many games and these draws are down to poor decision making and tactics by the manager. We have the squad which has the talent buts it’s down to the manager to get the best out of them. If we are not challenging by January the Manager needs to go along with the board.

  15. The worst mistake Liverpool FC ever made in its history was to annoy the Arabs and go with the Yanks. It was always obvious that the Arabs had the cash (in fact more than the Abu Dhabi family) and the Yanks didn’t….

    i still dont know what convinced Liverpol FC that the Yanks were offering a better deal!

    I am furious, If Shaykh Muhammad doesn’t buy soon i fear for the future of Liverpool FC, Man City could get that 4th place and establish themselves there for a very long time and we’ll end up fighing for Uefa cup places with the blue noses for the forseable future.

    please shaykh, buy us out and get rid of those parasitic American gits!!!!!!

  16. yanks please take the money and go.sheikh mohammed can solve all the problems you have gotten us into financially and u make 75 million pound profit. LFC forever

  17. I never trusted the Yankers from day 1. Also a load of blame for our current fuckups lie with David Moores & Parry,Moores went for a few extra dollars & got took like a wurzel by those bullshitting twats,the fact it took 2 of them set alarm bells ringing straight away & all their talk of the Liverpool franchise etc showed they knew shit all about footie.I pray we can get these slimy bastards out & i hope you fell ashamed Mr Moores for letting our proud club be raped by these pair of shitbags.Bri.

  18. i was so excited when dic were buying the club, then the yanks came in from nowhere and took hold of liverpool. moores and parry should take the lionshare of the blame, any half intelligent person would have gone with dic and we would not have been in this great mess. thanks parry and moores, hope that few extra quids in your pocket makes you happy.

  19. To the americans do what you do best destory what others has build and what money cant buy. I have been a LP fan since 1970 and I hate it when I read that your americans have bought the club to make a profit. I suggest that you sell the club before we start losing our great players and the fans start staying away from games. I am thinking of not supporting your club anymore but i am a die hard Lp and would not allow you two stupid american to destory the club I LOVE most. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO do yourselves a favour and SELL before you ruin a club with so much history that cant be bought. To all the LP FANS in the UK why did you allow this to happen.

  20. The yanks should realize just how much damage they have inflicted on our great club and quit immideately. However, they are currently holding out for as much as they can get. They know they have no future at Anfield so they`re holding tight, hoping for a massive Dubai offer. This won`t happen but the credit crunch strengthens Dubai`s hand by the week, so let`s hope the banks tighten the rope come January so our misery can end. Dubai will be 100% good for Liverpool FC. They won`t go about their business in a scandalous manner, as they have a reputation to uphold. Sheik Mohammed will make Lfc the battleship of Dubai`s sports empire. The Yanks` reputation is forever tainted. Ruined. No honor. Please take your blood money and leave now you greedy yankee bastards!

  21. I believe if we had not qualified for the champions league , we would have been better off. The 2 muppets would have no money to service the debt. and then the would have had to sell liverpool, no revenue means no money. And we all could WAVE GOODBYE WITH PARRY OUT THE DOOR BEHIND THEM. thats the only reason why dic didnt buy pool as because of parry,s job and moore,s greed

  22. totally agree. Why are they hanging onto a club they obviously don’t want, care about or afford. They are making fools out of themselves and us. Get these wa@nkrs out and let the sheikh who supports Liverpool take over. Oh and take bloody parry with them.

  23. Come on fans try to help the shiekh

    Mohammed get rid of the u.s.a owners out please let it be very soon we most get the title back too anfield

  24. Greedy fcuking YANKS. With 450 million on the table they would walk away with 75 million profit. I hate these c*nts more and more by the day. If they was realy wanting the best for the club they would of sold ages ago when they knew they was in trouble with finances.

  25. I very much hope Sheikh Mohammed buys the Americans out of the Club. Their greed shows how they viewed LFC. Hopefully the Royal Bank of Scotland will refuse to renew their loans and they’ll have to settle for a lot less.

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