Gillett and Hicks: Miles apart

The Liverpool owners continued their recent attendance at Liverpool games last night against Arsenal.

George Gillett, snowbound last week in North America, was at Anfield last night to see the reds push past Arsenal for another glorious European occasion. Tom Hicks, who had witnessed both away games at Arsenal in the past week couldn’t make it to Anfield.

His Texas Rangers baseball team took priority on the opening day of the season.

Gillett watched Liverpool win 4-2.

George Gillett at Anfield

Tom Hicks baseball side lost 8-1.

Tom Hicks prefers the Baseball

Tom Hicks had his reasons, despite failing to mention the fact he would probably get lynched, as:

“Opening day in baseball is like a national holiday. I would never miss our home opener, but I will have the Liverpool game on my TV. I saw two great games over there last week.”

His son, Tom Hicks Jnr, was at Anfield last night.

It is believed that Gillett held a short meeting with the reds commercial director (yes, I’m surprised we have got one too!) before last nights game as he continues to favour selling his stake to Dubai Investment Capital.

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Gillett and Hicks: Miles apart

  1. Steve morgan took over at wolves, i’m so down about all this, i can see rafa being forced out in the summer, and nothing spent on new players. i wish i could afford to go and give hicks shit at his rangers games

  2. I wish they would both leave Anfield – They can sell up now in profit (or can they?) with their heads up high – we can sort ourselves out. The Liverpool way of dealing has been dealt a massive blow. But its not too late. Where is Steve Morgan?

  3. Not that I’m backing Mr. Hicks (he hasn’t been a very good owner of our team, the Texas Rangers), but you should know that opening day in baseball is a pretty big deal and he would have gotten plenty of heat here for not attending. There are 6 million people in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metro area, and the Rangers, despite their lack of success, have a lot of fans too. Anyways, I wish he would sell his share of Liverpool and focus on the Rangers and Stars (his NHL hockey team).

  4. mr gillett seems more in tune with what liverpool fc is about even though he wants out with a big profit, mr hicks seems to think he can treat the club like any other business with an i’m the boss attitude, he could not approach lfc ownership in a worse way. mr moores was taken in by two sharp operators, mind you two dullards could have done that but the fans soon sussed them and they will never be accepted by them unless they show real and genuine commitment but these jerks cant even talk to one another – we deserve better

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