Glug! Glug! Jermaine training hard…

Here’s a picture to make you proud of spending your hard earned money on Liverpool FC.  Jermaine Pennant, hammered, swigging Jack Daniels out the bottle stumbling around outside a nightclub in Essex.

Pennant has failed to land himself a first team role at Anfield, and was embarrasingly not even selected for the Carling Cup game or bench last week against Spurs.

Benitez is believed to have grown tired of his lifestyle and inability to arrive at training on time – coupled with the fact he has been garbage on the reds right wing.

Liverpool paid £6.3 million for Jermaine in the summer of 2006.  There were hopes that the reds would be able to sell the player in January, but these images may ensure Pennant continues picking up his large Anfield pay-packet till at least the summer.

Liverpool FC have so far refused to comment on the incident which happened at an Essex nightclub at the weekend, which had Lindsey Lohan as their special guest for the night.

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Glug! Glug! Jermaine training hard…

  1. looks like he is inploding. pity so many people have tried hard to put him back on track. only jesus can turn this situation around

  2. Thats it! this mug has got to go……a waster and a billy big time who thinks he’s better than he actually is!!

    would like to say thanks for the memories jermaine! but i cant think of any!

  3. I was excited when Jermaine first signed for us but he’s failed to perform so let’s get rid of him.We have to again count our losses and acccept that million’s were again wasted on another dud!!.

    The academy isn’t producing anything either so for the forseeable future we have to spend in the transfer market if we want to add quality to the squad.The Carling Cup match at Spurs proved that our squad lacks depth when compared to our rivals.

  4. I use to think pennant was a class player and was pleased wen he signed for liverpool coz i thought we finally had a good winger but Phil Kirwin is right! although the lack of english players at liverpool is starting to become a bit of a problem for me!

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