Liverpool sell Peter Crouch

Crouch Goal v BirminghamIt was always inevitable and tonight, after passing a medical earlier today, Peter Crouch has left Liverpool Football Club to return to Portsmouth in a deal that could be worth an eventual £11 million for the reds.

Liverpool will receive £8.5 million up front for the England striker who has fallen by the wayside at Anfield after the signing of Fernando Torres, the rest of the total will be made up if Portsmouth maintain their Premiership status in the next two seasons.

The 27 year old scored 22 times for the reds in 85 appearances.

Liverpool will feel slightly disappointed with the amount recouped but the player, who cost the reds £7 million back in 2005, only had another 12 months left on his contract.

Good luck Peter back down at Portsmouth.

Liverpool meanwhile will be aiming to complete the signatures of Gareth Barry and potentially Robbie Keane.

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Liverpool sell Peter Crouch

  1. C u Peter, should have been played more up front with Torres, would have been awesome, he always scores when he plays so its big mistake. Get ridz of Voronin play Kuyt on the wing and you go lots of room for Crouch, why did Rafa sell him?

  2. Massive mistake by Rafa to sell the Big Lad, he very rarely got a full game, and i agree with many above that he should have had a long run with El Niño up front. I agree that Voronin should get 1 more season just to be fair to him because of his injuries, but get rid of Kuyt (works hard but thats about all), he was bought as a striker, but where are the goals to prove this. Finally a big mistake to buy Keane, as he has potentially 2 more seasons at his peak, and then its all downhill, though Barry as a midfielder has probaly another 4 or 5 years and is only 27. Best of luck at Pompey Big lad, i for one will defintely miss you. El Tel Alicante Spain

  3. Its a pity Crouch is leaving but in all fairness, he wouldn’t have gotten many first team appearances next season: Torres, Babel and Benayoun all would fight tooth and nail for their posts. I think he is over-rated in the air – his nimble footwork on many ocassions has been more eye-catching and who’ll forget the bicycle kick?
    Due to the losses made last season, there isn’t much in the kitty resulting in having to sell players to fund the new deals. I like Barry – like Kuyt, he’s a solid, hard-working individual who can play attacking, holding, defensive mid-field roles, and will give Gerrard more license to roam. Kewell was older than most furniture and am glad he left, as did La Tallec. Riise was past his sell-by date and Xabi was struggling to be fit enough. Surprisingly, neither Finnan nor Carson were rated by Rafa and maybe the style of play needed to change with the full backs needing to attack down the wings hence arrival of Dossena and Degen.
    Have faith in Rafa: how many heard of Torres before he arrived? Not much was reported in the press and neither was he talked about. Yet we got a debutant who scored 24 goals in his first season (not a single penalty). Good things are in store for the Pool, lads, there’s no doubt about that.

  4. i completely agree. kuyt and voronin are clearly not lfc standard players but crouchy is 10 times over!!!!!!!! rafa reaaly is making a mess of the team this summer, what with xabi leaving too, to be replaced by barry and keane? if thats the best liverpool can do then sooner or later there will only be a big three in england.

  5. your all mad?
    lets get real he is crap in the air and aint much better on the ground… there was many critics when we got him and i reckon he proved em right! we should have never bought the lad! nice bird though!!!

  6. crouchy you will be missed …… the fans loved you even if the silly manager did’nt and i do hope you come back to haunt us on your return to anfield you can show rafa what a BIG mistake it was to sell you. he should have given you and torres a good run together and got rid of useless veronin and kuyt (who just runs rould like headless chicken)
    SO GOOD LUCK BIG FELLA HOPE YOU SHINE AT POMPY !!!! its our loss and their gain

  7. Good luck Pete. Kuyt works hard but does not score enough. Right probably used as a winger. Voronin needs another season as to be fair he was injured for a lot of last season. However would like to see another prolific goalscorer up front, perhaps David Vila. If only the yanks had not spent all our money. Please don’t buy Keane we can do better than a Spurs reject. Would be interested in David Silva than Gareth Barry. O’neil is in Cuckoo land if he thinks he is worth £18mil.

  8. Crouch never got a fair run this season to gel with Torres. Big guys give the defence problems, he was good in the air with good control and when he didn’t score he created chances and made assists. He will be back to haunt us, probably scoring against us next season. Barry and Keane will not win us the Premireship. Liverpool will miss Peter Crouch !!!!!!!!!

  9. u r damn rite,mate!!
    in fact, i think the rotation system used by rafa have “helped” him to kill his career at liverpool..
    although i admire him, i hope that he wont be at his best when portsmouth face us!!!

  10. Cruch is good in air but again he is not so consistent …..
    voronin was playing well but he was hit out with injury…we should give chance atlease one more season…
    kuyt having new role in team…he is no longer can consider as striker ….he is best to know as winger…

  11. its a shame he is better than kuyt, and vornin. he was never given a fair run. he will be back to haunt us. you boobed rafa how can you not see kuyt, and voronin are crap. good luck pete. you will be missed..

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