Parry tells Hicks to shove it

Tom Hicks waste of spaceTom Hicks, the so called ‘custodian of Liverpool FC’ who continues to embarrass our club via the media, today issued an appeal to Rick Parry to resign from his post as Liverpool Chief Executive.

Hicks, is believed to be furious that Rick Parry made comments suggesting the owners ‘sorted it out’ last month.

After one of Liverpool’s great European triumphs on Tuesday night, Tom Hicks who has already made one mistake in threatening Rafa Benitez, today asked Rick Parry to resign. However, he cannot force the resignation of Mr Parry without his co-owner George Gillett’s consent.

The letter from Hicks to Parry arrived at Anfield today through the post and it asked Mr Parry, politely, to resign from his post.

Rick Parry takes a lot of the blame (quite rightly) for allowing these two individuals to take control of our club. However, aware that he cannot be fired without Gillett’s say so he has done the right thing and tonight issued a response to Tom Hicks.

“It is my intention to remain focused on the job of serving Liverpool Football Club to the best of my abilities at this very important time of our season.”

Tom Hicks, you will never step foot inside our stadium ever again. We never want to see you again. You know nothing of the traditions of our club. Leave, and leave now.

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Parry tells Hicks to shove it

  1. just phoned hicks office and spoke to his pa, she told me she could get a message across to mr hicks. i said “tell him to feckoff from liver” then i got cut off!!! maybe now he will do one?!!! all because of little ole me. Perry too should go, dave moores should not also be part of the board, he chose the yanks as they offered him more cash then dic!! self self self. how dare mr moores sit in the stands looking smug as if he aint got owt to do with all this. he sold the club for his own fortunes not for the interest of its fans and future of the club.

  2. As a big red fan, this is begining to do my head in with the yanks!!!! We have important games left to play yet to secure 4th place, also the champions league and find this pressure on our players outrageous!! Surely this can be sorted at the end of the season and after the champions league for the sake of rafa and the players. IT AINT TO MUCH TO ASK IS IT!!!!!!!!!! Then us fans can help take action in getting these 2 yanks OUT once and for all.

  3. I think that both Moores and Parry should go.
    At the time of the decision to sell, DIC had the upper hand till Mores made the FATAL mistake of deceiding on the Yanks.
    What was it? More money in his grubby little pocket or what.
    Time the supporters took action and boycotted the next and I think last home game.
    Time to go all four of you.
    All *ank(ers)together

  4. if all you reds out there want hicks out then dont go to home games its that simple, no revenue no interest
    when all the big noise in america starts to see no money coming in he will sell, yeh ok tough on the players but they will understand and also agree
    come on reds do it 4 our club

  5. has anyone got a contact email address for either of these two bufoons so every discerning liverpool fan can really make their feelings known – why dont the players start having a say – what are the bufoons going to do, sack them – i dont think so – we are a laughing stock – but isnt that what you get with comediens.

  6. he will stay as long as he thinks there is money to be made out of this great club and won”t stop until he has drained it of everything.DIC want to buy the club because they are fans who know the history and are still interested after been turned down already.they have not bought another club to make money they look real deal.So how do we get the yanks out stop giving them our money after all a club is nothing without fans

  7. I think Hick’s is a dangerous man where LFC are concerned and I think he’s capable of being mischievous and all because he couldn’t buy our respect and we wouldn’t get behind his vision for LFC. Sell up and go as it’s not in your interest or ours for you to stay…..

  8. Can’t begin to tell you Hicks what a sickening bloke you are.
    You have no idea about our club, the people or our great heritage and history.
    Why don’t you f**k off leave us alone and stick your son as far up your big fat a**e as far as you can get him, which in my estimation is some distance

  9. Parry and Moores are responsible for bringing Hicks and Gillett here therefore he should do the honourable thing and resign.Otherwise we would already have DIC as owners and our new ground being built.

  10. Good call mate. I really hope DIC’s announcement today was just a negotiating tactic because I can’t bear the thought of this fat arsed phoney owning our club.

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