Rafa: Barry – No. Alonso – stays.

Xabi AlonsoRafael Benitez today effectively ended Liverpool’s interest in this summer’s transfer shenanigans that has been something of an embarrassment for Liverpool.

Within almost the same breath Rafa made sure that he backed Liverpool’s pass-master Xabi Alonso.

“I have had no word about Arsenal wanting Gareth Barry and that is all I want to say on the subject. Other than that we are working towards improving our squad.”

“Likewise there has been nothing more on Xabi Alonso. At the beginning of the summer we were looking at ways of raising money, but now we are happy with Xabi, he is a very good player.

“The offer we had was not good enough so why would we want to sell him?”

Rafa had a meeting with Parry earlier in the week and went on:

“We talked about the players that we have, how to progress, and we both know it is important for the club that we work together.”

“We are working really hard, we are moving in the right direction and hopefully we can do something positive in the next few days.

“The talks were positive, we cannot discuss names but we are now both working to improve our squad.

“There was no friction, but some personal problems. Now things are more clear and that is positive. It was a private conversation.”

Was that ‘personal problems’ or possibly ‘personnel problems’.

Liverpool take on Middlesbrough tomorrow. With Xabi, and without Barry.

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Rafa: Barry – No. Alonso – stays.

  1. I be glad when the Barry Saga is over. I’m sick and tired of Transfer on/off day after day. Alonso is a great player and of course Barry would have been great addition to the team but surely all this speculation is just unsettling the players.

  2. This is my first time adding a comment on any web site about Liverpool FC and I’m going to make it worthwhile.

    All the supports of the club see the issues in their very own and different view of how Rafa should use what little transfer money the god has to spend. It has come clear to me through out pre-season and the first two league games on the season that Liverpool must turn there attention to a player who can play wide on either flank.

    Quaresma would be a good addition to the team but is he as influential as the Muppet at the manc’s, I think not and it hurts me to mention them on this website.

    Joe Cole would be without doubt a great addition to the squad but again consider this Wednesday night for England and the Czech Rep he played more central and this isn’t what we are looking for at all. Now don’t get me wrong I like Joe Cole and he would improve the team 100%, but he isn’t the answer!

    So who is? Well on Match of the Day last night two of Liverpool’s winning teams members from the 80’s my Hansen and Lawrenson’s hit the nail on the head. “Liverpool need to sign width and someone who can deliver straight away in the premier league”

    So my answer to this is either Stuart Downing, the guy has a sweet left foot and is possible the best left footed (English) winger in the Premier league. His ability to delivery time after time for Middlesborough is not questionable by any living person. He is only young and would have a sell on value if we decided to do so, but why would we want to sign a left sided Englishman and sell him after a season.
    Now I will be the first to admit he is not by any means the finished article but neither is Fernando Torres and Rafa will work his voodoo powers on him to make him the best striker in the world so why wouldn’t he be able to do the same with Downing?

    This would allow Babel to operate on the right hand side of the team and cause chaos down the flank, which suits his stronger foot. Downing on the left hand side, also let’s not forget his English and this helps towards our quote for Champions league.

    This would allow Gerrard, Alonso, Mascherano and Lucas to rotate in the middle and push Keane behind Torres. Kuyt is a good back up to a front player and seems to play better n Europe for Liverpool. I agree with Suvala slightly that Voronin should make way for cash injections to go towards another addition, which I will leave that to you to discuss.

    Oh just one final thing Owen is a free agent at the end of this year and he would be with out question a excellent third striker for the club going into he 2009 – 2010 season, an f nothing you can’t deny it would be good business.

    And after winning the title this year we will be able to afford anyone who wants to join the might team that is Liverpool FC.

  3. Happy to see Xabi staying, do need a winger though – could get Wright-Phillips for about £8 million and he’d be more than happy to come.

  4. On his day Quaresma is awesome, but his day is not often enough and that makes him pretty much average. We need someone who is a lot more consistent but maybe as gifted as Quaresma.

  5. Quaresma average?? I do hope you’re joking. And if Keane plays on the right he’ll be wasted and we won’t win the league with him there.

  6. Forget Barry……better(IMO) option is Joe Cole.
    He’s already fighting with; Fat Frank,Dicko, Bollock amoung others for a place in the chav’s team….and after Robinho came out yesterday stating very firmly he wants to join them it will push Cole further down pecking order.

    Could Barry deal(in last few weeks) been a smoke screen kept running by Rafa? He did say we were looking for an English player who can play in 3 different positions……Joe Cole ticks both boxes.

    We no longer have maureen and his grudge against us, so might be able to sort out a price……which I personally think would be less than the 17m(ridiculous) fee Villa are demanding for Barry. Even if same amount I’d be far happier with a player of Joe Coles ability getting forward than Barry

  7. Barry would be a great addition. Anyone who doesn’t realise this is, well, clueless. Rafa is not. By the way, the press said Barry’s name and Rafa did not – nice play on words though. Rafa would obviously walk to Villa to sign Barry during half time today if he could. Alonso has done nothing wrong and it seems it has worked as a kick up the backside for him – he seems a bit more focused. I don’t want to see him go, although I do think Barry would add a bit more to what Xabi can offer. One last thing. Quaresma is average. Flash in the pan. He would be a disaster signing. So not a Premiership player. I’m guessing that the person who mentioned him being top of the list is a 12 year old. Babel will play on the left when everyone is fit. Keane will play on the right. The midfield will alternate between Mascha and Alonso and Lucas and Stevie will start free behind Nando. We will win the league.

  8. I’d like Barry and Alonso.

    Barry was never coming in to replace Alonso.
    BEnitez admitted a few months ago he sees Lucas playing more.

    Barry was for the left hand side.

    Will Alosno be playing on the left this weekend then?


    So we’ll have to buy a bargain basement plan B load of crap like Pennant then and in a season no one will want to buy him.

    Or we could have bought Barry who will deliver.

    Benitez left Valencia because he wasn’t backed, he would have every right to do it again after this charade.

  9. I can’t understand why Benitez is still considering selling Xabi Alonso..’if the price is right.’ Alonso has been the star of the side so far this season and without him Liverpool will struggle.

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