Rafa fury at Torres and Mascherano stress

Torres injured with SpainBenitez has reacted angrily to the news that Fernando Torres has torn a ligament and will miss the next three Liverpool games, and also that Mascherano will be jet-lagged after his friendly.

“We have three big games in 10 days in three competitions and we have lost our top goalscorer,” said Benitez.

“It is difficult to be calm about it. This was another international friendly in a busy period for clubs at this time of the season.

“It is crazy enough that they go away and have different training systems, diets, new ideas. Then they get injured.”

Benitez also faces an anxious wait on the return of Javier Mascherano, who flew to Los Angeles for Argentina’s friendly against Guatemala on Thursday evening.

“Any friendly should be just that,” said Benitez. “You cannot play Guatemala in Los Angeles like Argentina have done, it is crazy.

“OK, so they won 5-0, but Javier will not be back with us until Friday.”

You have to question the point of these fixtures, and with Liverpool already up against it in the league this was exactly the wrong kind of news for us reds.

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Rafa fury at Torres and Mascherano stress

  1. what? the football authorities aren’t bending over backwards to benefit Liverpool Football Club? That’s a disgrace – don’t they know who we are? Don’t they know we have a divine right to whatever we want. Terrible.

  2. Hang on. I appreciate your comments about losing two of our best players at a critical part of the season. However Rafa has justified his rotaion policy on the players we’ve got being able to stand in to alleviate the pressure on Gerrard, Carragher, Torres and Alonso. Surely he should stand or fall on the team strength he has largely put together! Barnsley have proved yet again that dispite having big names we still have a lot to work towards. I still back Rafa 110% but something has to give.

  3. It’s absolutely crazy the way these fixtures are worked out! Now two of our best players are out at a crucial time of our almost miserable campaign. At the end of the day Rafa will be in the firing line once again.

  4. That’s really bad news about El-Nino and Javier especially at this time when we have games coming up which will make or break our season. Rafa could lose his job if things go badly and all because the Fa’s are getting ready for various competitions which they could do at the end of the season.

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