Reds fans group warn RBS

Royal Bank of ScotlandThe Spirit of Shankly, the Liverpool supporters group, have demanded that the Royal Bank of Scotland stop financing Tom Hicks and George Gillet’s dismal attempts at burdening further loans on to Liverpool FC.

The RBS, alongside American bank Wachovia, handed over £350 million in January which effectively meant that the investment risk was placed on to the club, instead of the two American owners.  The football club, not the owners, must find at least £30 million a year just to pay the interest on these loans.

In essence, Liverpool fans are buying the club for the American owners.  A sizeable portion of this loan was due to be used for player transfers and the initial building of the stadium.  However Liverpool’s net spending on new players was around £20 million (much less than initially promised) and the stadium work has ground to a halt.

In early 2009 that loan is due to be re-financed, and the fans group is now letting the Royal Bank of Scotland that Liverpool fans strongly disapprove of continually propping up these two.

A statement from the SOS said:

‘We would encourage the RBS to withdraw financial support for Tom Hicks and George Gillett.

‘Should the owners come back asking for more finance in January, we would ask the bank to refuse as it is against the wishes of the vast majority of Liverpool fans.’

News reports over the weekend suggested that both American’s are realising that they do not have the financial clout or ability to help Liverpool build a new stadium and compete on the pitch.

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Reds fans group warn RBS

  1. Another repayment of money given to the club by the people of Liverpool and passed to the bank RBS to repay a loan they said would never happen.If the Banks keep supporting your loans so will the people who have money in the banks in question and support LFC have to look at alternatives to where they bank..

  2. now that even man city have overtook us with spending power, it is time for the yanks to sell up cause they seem to have no interest in competing properly in the transfere market. We need our arab frinds to come in and give us the money needed to buy the best

  3. From a fan in Nigeria,we will do all we can to stop these two from wrecking our club down.Please the supporters of lfc should do all they can to stop them.

  4. Where is David Moores the man responsible for selling the club to blood sucking vampires??.I blame our former owner more then anyone else and his complete silence on the matter makes my blood boil even further.He knows that he’s guilty as sin!

    Our only hope are DIC otherwise i am afraid the club we love will become increasingly weaker until it’s completely bankrupt.

  5. I think that those without any accounts with RBS should email to say that they and their families would never consider switching to them if they don’t stop funding the Americans. They would have to think of the millions of potential customers around the world that they could be missing out on if everybody did it.
    I know it was slighltly different circumstances but contacting Carlsberg stopped them doing a promotion in the Scum (Sun).

  6. From a fan in Montreal… the two yanks plus parry are bringing Liverpool F C down…… with those three we can never have a new stadium as they promised and never compete….. for gods sake, don’t let them borrow any more and have us fans pay their loans… we have had enough, don’t let our team go down the drain… remember Leeds and Notts Forest… they must sell nowwwwwwwww!

  7. We should all email whichever part of the RBS we have accounts with and make the same request, I personally am with NATWEST and will do so if asked.

    What do others think?

  8. I wonder if there is scope among the global family of Lfc fans to withdraw investments, close bank accounts and pressurise RBS to quit aiding H&G in wrecking our club?

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