Reds no rush over Barry

Gareth BarryLiverpool will not be held to ransom by Aston Villa for their club captain Gareth Barry according to reports.

The reds have had a number of increasing bids knocked back by Aston Villa, with Martin O’Neill insisting the player should be valued as highly as the reds Javier Mascherano.

The reds are believed to have grown impatient with Aston Villa’s reluctance to accept the reds increasing bids, and with the player having already indicated he wants to move to Anfield, Liverpool will play the waiting game.

With Xabi Alonso’s potential move to Juventus taking a turn for the worst, the reds cannot be guaranteed income from that players sale and have made clear to Aston Villa that the offer on the table will not be improved upon in the short term.

The reds are believed to have offered around £15 million plus around £2 million in bonuses to Aston Villa for Barry, after moving from their initial £10 million offer.

Aston Villa want £20 million.

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Reds no rush over Barry

  1. I’m glad to see there are some Reds supporters on this blog that are not redneck Reds fans.
    I think Barry would be a fantastic addtion to Liverpool, Barry is a work horse like Gerrard and having these 2 players in mid field would be amazing to see in the EPL and especially on the England side. They are great mates and excellent players alike.
    I’d prefer to see Barry stay at Villa cause we know Villa are going places with the leadership of MON and the ownership of RL, here is a club with the smallest squad in the EPL, to finish in the top 7 is fantastic, but yes, they could do better. If only Doug Ellis outed years ago, they’d have some spending power to buy more decent players.
    20mil for Barry? Maybe not, 15mil, yes! Then again, if Villa want 20mil and it doesn’t get accepted, then its still a win for Villa, they get to keep him. We’ll see them in the Champions League next season. In saying that, I think the big 4 are really weary of Villa’s potential and I can’t wait to see another team break the top 4!
    Agree with SPIKE regading find home grown players, those names are great players! This is just was MON @ Villa is doing and he knows home grown is best. 4 of 18 players are internationals, the rest ENGLAND! He’s signed some fantastic young England internationals and he is managing these players to perfection, a brilliant coach he is.
    Yeh you can talk about signing internationals from around Europe who would be much better than Barry, but managers and scotts would know whether the player will transition to the club well or not, clubs don’t like to waste money on players who end up leaving because playing in England did not suit their life style or the language barrier is effecting the way they play at the club or living in the country. Its all a business!

    I don’t know why you lot are bagging Barrys 20mil price tag, was Robbie Keane worth 20mil? 10mil yes, that price would have taken a lot more pressure off him, he would have performed..

  2. Agreed, Barry is way over priced. He seems keen to join us, so let Rafa sit back for a bit and let Villa sweat.
    Villa (the player not the team) has started flirting with Rafa… so that bodes well and means that our manager is respected abroad.
    All in all, we are in a reasonable position, not a great one, to bolster our team with a few brits in case the 6-5 rule comes in. Makes me wonder why we are dumping Pennant, when the year before last he had the best crossing stats in the premiership.
    Plessis looks great, and have you seen how well Al Zhar ( no spell check ) is doing. Look out for these 2 this year (if the manager gets it right) and wow….. Nemeth looks as good.
    Please Mr Ablett, try and find more home grown. Just look at the best players we have had in the last 10 years….. Carra,Macca, Fowler, Owen, Gerrard etc etc. Anyhow, Barry will be a good addition, but at a sensible price.

  3. To all you Chelsea & Mancs who find the situation funny ,one day in the not to distant future your dept will catch you up and a deal for someone like Barry will be way out of reach in your case (mancs) 750mill and counting and we know how fickle Americans can be,Chelsea when Roman takes his ball back (wont be long now the Russian’s are getting bullish again) you will have 18 months to pay Roman back and then it’s hello Div.2 or worse so do us all a favor and stay of our site or is your own so bloody boring….

  4. there still many defensive midfielder much more potential then y waste £20 million to get him..we still got Mascherano n Lucas.. gerrard still can be supporting striker/midfield behind torres..don’t forget Damien Plessis,another young liverpool defensive midfielder,got potential..

  5. kongkong greaat post. he hasnt done anything in the game to warrant a 20m tag. His world standing is no-where his reputation doesnt really exceed the midlands, so to put him in the same price range as the maradonna endorsed mascherano is a joke. Why not make a sneaky bid for makelele? yeah he’s old and grey but alongside mash in the defensive roles it probably wouldn’t be too bad for a year untill we fill the piggy bank.

    Also, is anyone else slightly concerned that Degan cant get a 1st team slot for SWITZERLAND?!

  6. The idea isn’t to strengthen Liverpool, but to weaken Villa, a close rival for the 4th spot next season possibly! Villa usual roll over when the so called big clubs come knocking at the door. Its refreshing to see us standing our ground, but 20 million is silly money!

  7. you didnt just compare torres to barry?? torres wudnt go for cheap in anyones books….he is in a league f his own, maybe d-villa will join him next season if the 2 yanks get their act together! they shud sell to dubai, or dish up money in the transfer window as it will bring gud players to the club and only add value to the club when they eventually sell it but those 2 P*icks cant see that!!!

  8. Barry like most Englishmen is overpriced so we should just forget about him.We’re well served in midfield so priority should be given to wingers and a centre forward.

  9. Oh what fun !!!1 You can’t afford Barry. Tough Tough Tough. Hope he goes to the Gunners !!!
    We want Torres – you won’t be able to keep him when the money is dangled in front of him. And he will play with Villa ( and I don’t mean that tip in Brum). Just like Gerrard wants to play with his mate Barry, so Torres will want to play with Villa . We’ll get both. With the fee you get from Torres you’ll be able to afford Barry !! Great deal Rafa .. Bring it on !!!!

  10. Keep Barry because I would have Alonso in my team ahead of him any day. Let the leprechaun stop Barry moving to a huge club from a mediocre side because that’s all Villa are and always will be.


  11. This report is scripted like Villa should roleover & accept what is offered?

    Would you allow Torres to go on the cheap?

    I doubt it, so show some respect. T

  12. Let’s not waste anymore time on this Barry saga. Let’s shut O’neill up once and for all and let him keep his loyal captain. Quite simply, Barry isn’t worth more than £8M. Why should we be paying so much for? His captainship? As an England mid-fielder? He doesn’t even have a FA Cup or League Cup to his name, not to mention CL or even UEFA. Does Villa’s qualification for UEFA warrant such a high fee for him? Irony of the fact is that only Liverpool seems to want him!! No one else seems to be bidding. I guess he’s not that important to anyone at all except O’neill and Liverpool after all.

  13. haha!! i’m sorry.. but £20m for Barry? he’s got 3 moore yrs left in his contract, he can buy out his contract next yr for less than half that price!

    who’s Villa kidding??!!

  14. yeah cause your skint, and in massive amounts of debt. villa are wedged and dont even want to or need to sell.

    this standpoint by liverpool is hilarious. your just giving oneill more time to convince barry to stay. either way you lose.

  15. There avvin a laff, 20m no way, he isn’t even that good. I say we switch our attention to Sidwell, a fraction of the price and just as good also Milner and a decent striker wouldn’t go a miss either.


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