Reports: DIC make takeover bid

It is being reported today by both the BBC and The Observer that DIC have made a bid for the entire shareholding in Liverpool Football Club this morning.

Speculation has been increasing in recent weeks as the American co-owners have been struggling to refinance the club with a £350 million loan.

The American investors paid around £170 million for Liverpool 12 months ago, plus took over £40 million of debt. Since that time, investment on players and various other costs including fees related to the various plans drawn up on the new stadium have amounted to a current loan of around £260 million.

Some speculation has suggested that the Arabian Government investment group has offered around £500 million which would hand a profit of £120 million to each of the current owners but we believe that any offer would be nearer to the £350 million mentioned towards the end of last week.

DIC were priced out of the bidding last time around when they refused to move from £156 million to the eventual sale price of £170 million. They went as far as saying ‘We will not overpay on assets.

Both Hicks and Gillett have been widely criticised by Liverpool fans worldwide for their talks with Jurgen Klinsmann in Novemeber, their inability to travel to Liverpool regularly for important meetings, and for the embarrasing further delay in starting work on the stadium which has received the green light from both the local council and the Government.

DIC have not commented on their plans for a new stadium or a new manager although any succesful bid would almost certaintly lead to the departure of Rick Parry, who many at DIC blame for the failure to succesfully conclude the deal last February.

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Reports: DIC make takeover bid

  1. A club with the history and with the potential to go on to greater things, it is so sad and frustrating from a supporters point of view to watch Gillett and Hicks buy the club with great promise and not come through with what they said to secure their position. They went behind the managers back with Klinsmann and who ever we dont know about, then they put back the stadium building plans through lack of funds, and not give the managers their full backing with the squad Rafa is tryin to build.I wish they will do Liverpool fans 1 thing and get a 1st class flight out of our great club and let DIC run things properly. What was you thinking David Moores?? Your 1 person we thought us fans could count on….

  2. when will this deal materialise. these 3 jokers need to go. even clubs that supposedly have less money than us are getting whoever whenever. they were full of nonsense .

  3. Hicks is the dangerous one he is a typical yank. Personally I would like to see DIC and Gillett work together. I think he is genuine in his feelings for the club. Hopefully he will see sense and tell Hicks where to get off

  4. I hope and pray that DIC complete the talkeover very very soon, why because I trust them,hicks I’ve lost all confidence in him, gillett well meaning but totaly overawed by hicks or so it seems, when the dust has settled and hopefully DIC are victorious, theres a small question of parry and moores, all roads lead back to them and their decision to sell to the yanks, for many reasons I feel parry should go

  5. l for one personally hope this deal goes through. We need rid of Hicks, Gillette and Parry if Liverpool Football Club is ever to go forward and DIC have the financial clout and just as importantly a interest in football and Liverpool FC, to do that. Fingers crossed that these stories are true.

  6. Americans Are Killing Our Club

    It was not so long ago that we all thought we’d got our own billionaires to take this great club forwards – how wrong we were!

    It started well, with the purchases of Torres and Babel, our best start to the season on the pitch, and plans for a world-class stadium fitting of Liverpool Football Club. Yet we are now finding ourselves more embarrassed by our new owners than I can ever remember. We have:

    · The false promises – they were meant to be buying the club with a short-term loan to be paid back pretty quickly from the sale of another business, but that has not materialised
    · Poorly thought-through plans – having raised our expectations with a world-class stadium design, a couple of months on they suddenly realised they couldn’t afford it after all
    · A lack of patience – with the season only 3 months old, they were already going behind the manager’s back in an attempt to replace him. And this is a manager who has taken us to two European finals in three years!
    · A lack of togetherness – even if they don’t believe this manager is the man for the job, they have to back him 100% in public until they fire him and get someone else in. I’m not saying we would have won the league this year, but announcing that they had spoken to Klinsmann makes it doubly difficult to turn things around because the manager’s and players’ minds are not 100% on the job of winning matches
    · Appalling judgement – it is beyond me how anyone could believe that replacing a manager who has won La Liga twice, the Champions League and the UEFA Cup with someone who has never managed a club was anything other than an enormous gamble.
    · No clear evidence of delivery – we heard how they were going to make more of the club commercially, but has anyone seen any evidence of that? I understand that anyone who is still with the Official Liverpool Supporters Club this season got an initial DVD, a pen and a pencil for their £30. That kind of value for money will not drive anyone to be loyal to the club.
    · Blatant lies – how can they continue to claim they are not looking to sell when a City bank has been putting together a sales memorandum for at least a part of the club?

    Now I have seen a lot of talk from Mr Hicks recently, and rather less from Mr Gillett, so maybe this reflects on one rather than both of them. Perhaps Mr Hicks should just take his own advice and “Quit talking”!!

  7. The best would have been DIC in the first place 12 months ago. But it did not materialise due to the fact that david moores was interested on his profit he was about to make and he being in the board. At the same time Rick Parry too. Who would be kicked out if DIC were to take over. For a club like Liverpool we need a better CEO than Rick Parry.DIC, who has a deeper pockets than the American will suit the Reds.All the earlier investers were also not taken due to the same 2 persons selfishness. They place themselves before club.Hicks is not the right one for ownership. He is a investor,who only here to make his money.He will leave soon.I once worked for a company that was bought by Hicks and partners.After a few years it change hands. He is not a loyal fans who reds can trust. We don`t want you Gillets & Hicks. get out…….

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