Riise heading off to Rome

Riise scores an own goal against ChelseaJohn Arne Riise is expected to complete a £5 million move to Roma later this week as the curtain closes on his Anfield career.

Riise has been usurped in the Liverpool team by both Fabio Aurelio and Ryan Babel as the preferred left sided partnership.

John Arne has lost his way at Anfield in the last two seasons, and hindered the reds with two own goals in cup competitions – the most significant in the UEFA Champions League semi-final at Anfield when the reds appeared to be taking a lead down for the second leg.

Riise believes he still has plenty to offer and feels he hasn’t been given a fair enough crack of the whip.

“I need to be playing and to be in a team where I can get better, because I know I can improve

“When you change clubs, you get a new set of challenges and it can kickstart things for you.”

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Riise heading off to Rome

  1. JAR we love you though you broke the hearts of many fans of Liverpool in Ghana in that 1st leg semi final match against chealsea.i’m sad u are leaving but i think it is an opportunity 4 new talents to be unveiled.good luck at Roma.

  2. its upto you if you want to leave and it wasnt ur fault we didnt reach the champiopns league final cheers for the memories c ya

  3. Anyone who slates Riise is not a true Liverpool fan.

    Riise has been a great player for Liverpool for many years – I agree his form dipped over the last two seasons and a fresh start at a new club is probably what he needs but you can’t take away all he has done for Liverpool FC. You can’t just remember him for his own goals – everyone has bad games in their career!

    He has scored some great goals and his work rate was second to none so I’ll be sad to see him go and wish him luck at Roma.

  4. Good luck in Rome JAR, a great servant to LFC over the years, sorry to see you go but good things don’t last for ever, all the best mate.

  5. I really think it’s unfair to criticise as much as half these comments.

    He’s been an excellent servant to the club, yet the last two seasons haven’t been upto scratch and I think Riise knows this far better than any of us. Some of the criticism has been bang out of order considering his many years at the club. I’m sure if it was Carragher or Torres then he wouldn’t have received this level of slagging off.

    I wish Riise all the best and thank him for many cracking goals and years of good service

  6. The problem is, people are always quick to criticise but slow to praise.
    JAR has lost his way in the last two seasons, he will know that himself better than anyone, and yes he did cock up in the semi’s, but don’t we all make mistakes at times, unfortunately for him, the mistake he made was a bit of a biggy one for all to witness and it meant that we didn’t get the chance to hammer United in Moscow.

    I for one will be sad to see the back of JAR, he has been a loyal servant to Liverpool and I think we should remember the good times he had rather than dwelling on the bad points.

    Good Luck John in Italy, and I would always give you a rousing welcome back to Anfield………just so long as you don’t score one of your screamers against us.

  7. JAR was an outstanding player for LFC! I can’t believe he’s been sold! Far better than Aurelio but he wasn’t to Rafa’s taste! The disappointing own goal came when he’d not long been on the pitch but had been bollocked by Rafa a couple of time for nowt, then with his confidence nice and low he headed in.
    Before Rafa came he was probably the best left-back in the prem especially with that throw!
    An outstanding player who always gave everything when he played!

  8. cheers john

    i really do think there no one better at anfield so i dont really know why we sell him?

    all the best and cheers 4 that goal against united lol

  9. It wasn,t just the headed own goal, what about him standing at the bridge with his hand in the air looking for a non existing off-side. what about the last two dreadful seasons and as for those screaming shots outside the area they,re a distant memory.

  10. Joooohn Arne Riise, uh ah! I wanna know how you scored THAT goal.

    999 times out of 1000 he couldn’t head a cross like that in the net even if he tried.

    He can’t really defend or pass and has been incredibly poor for the last two seasons so good riddance.

  11. Jon thanks for your efforts during your time with us, you will be remembered for some of the most spectacular goals we have ever seen at Anfield. You will always be remembered for the goal against the Manc and your very own song.

  12. I agree with Noblelox – that is totally harsh John. JAR has been a great servant to the club in years past. It’s a shame that he hasn’t taken his form through on to last season, as a bit of competition between Aurelio and Babel should’ve spurred him on to even better football. Sadly this wasn’t the case.

    I feel totally gutted for his own goal in the semi’s, but we can’t hold it against him. We take it as a team. It happens to the best of them.

    That being said, as the team is in a fast transition, I do feel that Rafa is moving forward in the right manner and speed to bring the title home. IN RAFA WE TRUST.

    JAR thank you for your many years of loyal service. Should you ever return, I’m sure you will get the recognition you deserve. YNWA.

  13. Unforgiveable due to a player of your experience but then it’s bad luck for a grave and costly mistake at the wrong time. Benitez is partly to blame as he shouldn’t have fielded you based on your form for the whole season. Previous season, I was always looking for you to appear in the 1st XII but last season was probably your worst ever. You’d appeared to have lost your confidence and looked like a player going for retirement. Sadly, that mistake broke the camel’s back. But then again be proud of what you’ve achieved with LFC – the CL medal, much sought after by others who are better players than yourself. Everytime you get a ball keeps me in suspense as I’m wondering what you going to do next. Being a one-legged player, turning the ball to your right has always ended in disaster as you appear to be lost. Adios JAR, hope you’ll improve ine the Serie A.

  14. Bit harsh John! You cannot forgive him??? One mistake wipes out all those screaming goals from outside the box? The man has added greatly to LFC, not detracted.

    Maybe never good enough to be a legend, but has been a massive club servant and will always be welcomed back by real fans.

  15. Farewell JAR,thanks for the memories but I cannot forgive you for screwing up. We could have reached Moscow versus Man.U but for you!

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