The Anfield Divorce

Tom Hicks and George Gillett’s double act may have lasted longer than the Houllier – Evans ticket, but another Liverpool marriage looks set to end in divorce.

Hicks and GilletteBoth co-owners are no longer on speaking terms and despite being the original interested party, it appears that George Gillett Jnr will be the first to sell his stake in Liverpool FC to DIC. As part of the original deal, either party had to offer their stake to the other – but in the current tight credit conditions Tom Hicks has been unable to stump up the cash to become sole Liverpool owner.

Dubai Investment Capital is tipped to begin the process of examining Liverpool’s books in the coming weeks, although Champions League qualification is believed to be very important in terms of the valuation of the deal so improved results in the Premiership could be vital to a potential second takeover in the space of 13 months.

Hicks is also reluctant to exit the club altogether until completion of the stadium, although the recent debacle of his son’s PR mission to The Sandon may have highlighted the degree of disdain with which he is held. DIC will also feel that they are unable to stabilise the club with the Texan still involved behind the scenes.

DIC will aim to dilute Tom Hicks stakeholding in the club by injecting more money in to the stadium plans, ensuring that they are the major players in the club and represent the controlling stake.

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The Anfield Divorce

  1. I agree that the DIC bid is not the be all and end all however you only have to look at the Emirates and how much Arsenal have benefitted from the takeover of a similar group. Whatever happens the yanks should piss off back to yankee doodle and let the club get on with business………Football.

  2. I’m no fan of the yanks but I don’t understand why so many people see DIC as saviours.

    When they tabled their initial bid it was common knowlage that they planned to sell the club after the stadium was built just to realise a profit. They also planned to use debt secured against the club to finance the takeover.

    All those crying for DIC to come in and save us are nieve. They would be just as bad as H&G imo.

  3. Terrible state of affairs. Hicks keeps putting up smoke screens, making statements to the effect that he has no intention of selling, and yet, it would appear according to reliable sources such as the BBC, that he is definitely holding negotiations with DIC. Obviously, he is holding out for the biggest possible piece of pie he can get his greedy chops around which could ultimately cause DIC to pull out of talks – that would be awful. Gillette clearly wants out from what we read, but Hicks also seems to be stalling that move too. If only he could see the sense that it would be in his own, and the Club’s best interest to walk away, with a tiny shred of dignity and his fat cat pockets substantially better lined than when he walked in a year ago.

  4. liverpool fc requires a stable ownership ,not an ownership where one man blames the other , DIC have been intrested in liverpoolfc for a very log time , when the take over happend 1 year ago it was a shock to many fans of football and of the club. Two american had been given the go ahead because it seemed at the time that with the extra cash they were going to be plowing into the culb and helping us suceed to our firts league title in 18 years . but just look at what happened , hicks and gillet seemingly had a masize falling out due to the refinancing deal that went through last month gillet then started to pull away from the club and his greedy partner , he hasnt been seen in liverpool this year and looks like or hopefully will be the case for hiscks before the summer. If we all look at the events of the past year and a bit every step of the way look at what name always pops up.


    The company that we should have been bought over by in the first place dic .

    Hicks now NEEDS to take a long hard look at himself and for the fans of the reatest club in the world leave , we do not want anything to do with him or gillet again , they have put us into so much debt , promised a stadium that has never started , players yes torres is the best but more is needed and of course loyalty, rafa has done us so well since he took over as manager then finds out that owners are going behind hisback contacting other managers.

    If any of hicks bum buddies or even the prat himself reds this web site leave we do not need you anymore you hve brought a dark cloud over this great, famous club and now it is time for the fans and DIC to lift the cloud and start a fresh without the yanks .

    !!!!!!!!WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Tom Hicks as denied the above statement is true but my question is will Tom Hicks ever visit L’pool again NO so why does the guy hang on to his shares (it cant be their value) because if we don’t finish 4th or higher the shares will lose value then he shall have to spend an awful lot more than last summer to get us back up nearer to the top teams.

    If D.I.C. wait 2yrs they may pick up the club for less than was offered last year because with the money Hicks & Gillette have borrowed on our club it ties them down.If they want to borrow more the interest will be even higher and this is my big worry on what these guys have done because if they get it wrong our club could end up being owned by the bank and by risking our club on someone who understands football not at all was foolish of Moores.Last year when these two nipped in to bye the club I could have cried that DIC pulled out because in these times of money I knew we had blown it by selling out to Hicks and Gillett.They have now a chance to leave with a healthy profit so I hope they take it and sell their shares otherwise they just may miss the boat and in the end they’ll leave us in the mire and go home so what do they care…..

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