Xabi move edging closer

Juventus have moved in to the next phase of completing the signing reds midfielder Xabi Alonso – also known as the ‘haggling’ phase.

The Italian giants have been more than impressed, and who hasn’t, at Xabi’s performances in Euro 2008 and Liverpool’s initial demand of just under £16 million was rebuffed by Juventus.

The club will struggle to afford Xabi that price and are now attempting to call Liverpool’s bluff by expressing their interest in a couple of other midfielders.

Jean Claude Blanc, who is Juve’s General manager mentioned Alberto Aquilani and Arda Turan in the same breath as our Xabi.

“We’re following more than three footballers”, he said. “And we’ll see if what you read in the papers comes true or the other names we’re working on.

“Xabi Alonso? It’s an operation that we’re taking forward and we’ll compare him to other deals which could be done.

“We’re looking for a very talented midfielder – there’s not many of those around and some of them aren’t available. We have to talk first with the club and then with the player.

“Only one of these deals will be done.”

Despite many reds fans sense of bewilderment it now appears to be only a matter of time before Liverpool lose our influential Spaniard.

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Xabi move edging closer

  1. I agree with the majority of the views, there is no doubt that Alonso is a gifted individual, however I believe that his decision not to travel to Inter Milan may be the trigger point. For some reason Alonso did not show a lot of interest last season and basically he lost his place for much of the season to Masco.

    One thing I am sure of is that Steve G is playing a big part in bringing Barry to Anfield, but when you think of how much Utd spent on purchasing holding players like hargreaves and carrick then I wish the money could be spent on wide players..

  2. Are u talking nuts??? Hey Kev, do u know football or u r talking about cricket? How can u replace a class player like Xabi with one season wonder Barry let alone compare.If Xabi leaves it will be a big mistake of the club

  3. Only Stevie G can pass a ball as well as Alonso. Maybe Alonso’s transfer has more to do with him sitting out that Champions League match to attend the birth of his son – Rafa doesn’t appreciate that sort of thing – rather than his playing abilities, which everyone agrees are sublime.

  4. We need to keep hold of Alonso as he is a far better player than Barry. He may have had a poor season but you can see how sharp he has been playing for Spain. I disagree with Rafa that he must go. Rafa…….. keep Alonso at all costs.

  5. Why sell Alonso for 14 – 16m and buy a lesser player ( Barry ) for 16m + i can only think it is because the number of foriegn players may be limited in the future. Technically Alonso leaves Barry standing still, Barry is a good player but not to the standard of Alonso. Business sense says keep Alonso and put the saving of 2-6m towards buying on a quality wide player.

  6. I think its a mistake to sell Xabi ,unless he want to move on

    If Alonso goes ,yes replace him with barry,,but if i have to choose i say “Hold on to XABI ALONSO

  7. Kev mate, tell me you are joking?!? Barry is english version Xabi? let me break it down to you. Xabi is better then Barry in every prospect of the game. We are letting Xabi go just because he had a bad season in which he was injured. We are making aa big mistake. i usually stand behind rafa in every decision he makes, but i dont think i can do on this one!

  8. Gonna be missed, cant stop watching Alonso v Newcastle last year 🙂

    but I’m glad Barry is coming in – he’s just an English Xabi.

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