Agger unimpressed by contract delay

Despite Rafa Benitez’ protestations earlier this month that he was keen on keeping Daniel Agger at Anfield, and despite interest from both Real Madrid and AC Milan – it seems that the Liverpool board and Chief Executive are still to offer Daniel Agger a new contract.

Agger’s contract runs out next summer and with interest from abroad, Rafa has been hoping that Liverpool get the situation sorted.

Agger himself is not impressed.

“I haven’t heard anything from the club since the beginning of November. We have only had one meeting with Liverpool.

“At that meeting at the start of November, I was told that the club would come back to me quickly, but that hasn’t happened.

“Now there have been 12 weeks since we spoke together.

“I don’t have a clue if they want to extend this contract. It is an annoying situation and, in principle, it is a little bit frustrating not to get any messages, especially when it has almost been three months and they were the ones who told me they wanted to come back quickly.”

Liverpool FC.  One of the world’s greatest clubs, run by arguably the world’s most inefficient people.

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Agger unimpressed by contract delay

  1. 1. Agger likes to stay
    2. Liverpool fans LOVE Agger
    3. Liverpool FC is delaying his new contract
    What is going on???

    Players must have ambitions and club wants certain things. Why not set a ‘goal’ and a final agreement when the goal is reached? For example, set an agreed goal together for a 3 years term, every year review the progress and when the player reaches the goal, club pays the amount agreed. When 3 years period fulfilled and player reaches the goal then club transfer the final payment. So on one hand, keeps player to improve and reach the goal and on the other hand, the player will anyway be awarded the amount demanded when the goal is reached at end of the term and each review period (periodic bonus). Besides, I believe there are many other offer/options can be discussed..

    Why be silent?!?!? Talk and solve it! Especially when Agger is such a brilliant player! Agger must not go!! Please keep Agger Liverpool FC!

    Thank you very much!

  2. The way they are going we might lose Rafa. Faulty Towers with their off field antics but Rafa want take shit from Basil like the star spainiard manuel. If he goes expect a lot to follow. FT was later remade in usa and was a flop.

  3. Parry and the Yanks have to go! Simple as that! I am so tired of this constant merry go-round power struggle behind the scenes. We have a really good core to our team currently and Agger for me is a long term replacement for Carra, he exudes very similar qualities and his distribution is fantastic! I do hope he stays! Please let somebody with half a clue start running our club properly so we can get back to the real business on the field!

  4. If the current uncertainty surrounding Liverpool FC drags on, they will certainly lose Agger and very likely even a place in next year’s European Champions Cup.

  5. (p)rick parry strikes again why oh why does Liverpool football club put up with this ar**hole the man does not have a clue , the fans don’t like him Rafa doesn’t like him so why doesn’t he just F**k off , leave the transfers to Rafa , come on get the finger out and sort Agger out with a new deal please.

  6. Looks like (P)rick Parry strikes again…! We can’t afford to lose players like Danny Agger if we are serious about winning number 19. If the board can’t do a simple thing like sort a players contracts out then they really shouln’t be in charge of OUR club. Has Parry not learnt his lesson from when we nearly lost Stevie G ?

  7. This is just the latest in a massive string of cock ups by the Liverpool board. Agger simply has to stay, hes a better defender than Skrtel and only going to keep improving because hes still only young. Hes got some of the biggest clubs in Europe interested in him and the longer hes made to wait the more annoyed hes going to get and the less likely hes is to stay. I agree with barcelonared when he talks about Owen and Macca, its exactly the same situation with Agger now. We cant afford to lose him, eapecially with Sami likely to retire or leave soon in my opinion. If they dont offer him a new contract soon we’re going to lose one of the best young defenders in Europe for peanuts, just like Owen.

  8. Rick Parry strikes again. Sami Hyypia summed it up last season in the midst of the club publicly tearing itself apart when he compared us to Newcastle. The Yanks are undoubtedly bad for stability and progress at the club, but Tom Hicks has one thing spot on: Rick Parry is a disgrace. The man is so incompetent you wouldn’t let him run a café, never mind a multi-million pound business.

    When Gerrard nearly went to Chelsea, Parry was to blame again for not resolving the situation quickly. Owen to Madrid for peanuts, Macca to Madrid for free, failure to sign many players that were identified and interested before being bought much later for big fees (Alves and Sergio Aguero, to name but two): all due to Rick Parry’s pussyfooting around and general lack of competence. The sooner LFC gets rid of him, the sooner we will have a club that can compete off the field with the likes of MUFC, Chelsea, FCB, RM, etc.

    Agger is a prized asset who clearly wants to stay but the club are cocking up the negociations. How many times have we seen this? How many more cockups do we have to put up with?

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