Gerrard: Barry is a Liverpool-type player

With rumours that Gareth Barry is off to Man City, and Real Madrid refusing to go away with their pursuit of Xabi Alonso – Steven Gerrard has reiterated his desire that the reds bring in Gareth Barry if possible.

“Would I still like to see Gareth Barry join Liverpool? Yes. He is a top player. Top players improve your team and squad. He is a Liverpool type of player.”

“He is very clever but he is still an Aston Villa player and I don’t want to disrespect Martin O’Neill. If it happens, then great.

“If it doesn’t, hopefully we get players in of Gareth’s standard.

“When you watch Villa, Gareth is their main man, their captain, their leader. He scores good goals, creates chances. I’ve enjoyed working with him at England.

“He is English and you need English players at your club now.”

Suggestions are that Man City have made an offer of £10 million for the Aston Villa captain.

Update: 6pm Man City have signed Gareth Barry for £12 million. Crack open the champagne.

2 comments on
Gerrard: Barry is a Liverpool-type player

  1. Suppose Barry is right to sort things out asap but thats not our fault .
    Bitter Matin Oniel put the blocks on him sighnin for us and now City may finish above them next season. Good planning bitter Martin. You didnt think Villa would challenge THE MIGHTY REDS did you?
    Let this be a warning to the yanks !
    Pay up or our club wont be worth what you want when you sell!
    Us the fans will suffer if Rafa dosnt get players he wants.
    By the way Well done Liverpool. Rafa should have got manager of the year . We played some great football in the second half of the season and can look forward to next season providing the Americans can give our manager some cash .
    Rafa dosnt ask for the world!

  2. Comon City, beat Liverpool to the signature, we can achieve it despite the fact we are not in the CL, truth is, one of the top 4 will pay the price for our 09’10’ battle.

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