Gillett sale of Montreal goes through

George GillettLiverpool’s joint Chairman, George Gillett Jnr, has completed the sale of of his Montreal Canadiens Ice Hockey side.

In 2001, he bought 80% of the team costing him $275M but today sold his stake back to the brewing family Molson for an estimated $480M.

He insisted the sale had nothing to do with his involvement with Liverpool Football Club.

Gillett said his only regret was the team not winning the Stanley Cup:

“I have no jewelry,” he joked (referring to the ring given to members of Stanley Cup winning teams. “I’d like some.

“I’ve watched a lot of our friends go through difficult times in their lives and marriages.

“Until things start to break up, you don’t realize the emotion and the attachments that are there.”

“This is an asset that has become more than an asset. This is a love affair.”

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Gillett sale of Montreal goes through

  1. NHL fan here, I guess I never made the connection between our owners and the Habs or the Dallas Stars, Hicks’ NHL team. The Habs this summer went out and signed 5 or 6 new players, which is a lot in any sport, especially ice hockey. The Stars, as one would expect, aren’t given any money to spend.

  2. “This is an asset that has become more than an asset. This is a love affair.” wot an load off bull sh*t they are just cash sucking leeches who dont like spending there own money on franchises as they say,and build up huge debhts,make empty promises and are useless lieing sneaky cowboys !

  3. The only love affair this muppet has is with money. Our club doesnt need you or want you the supporters dont need or want him. Why stay ? he stays because of his love affair with money. Just in case he reads this and doesnt understand please substitute the word club with franchise and the word supporter with fanbase.

  4. We live in hope and pray that our divorce from the Yanks goes through and they take whatever money they get but they’ll never take our heart and soul that makes us what we are. YANKS OUT. YNWA.

  5. The scumbags are just waiting for the right offer for LFC, its just about the profit, its only a matter of time before Dubai come back in surely.

  6. Well maybe George you could start having a love affair with Liverpool F.C and throw some money in the kitty instead of sponging off the club…what a loser

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