Rafa charged by FA over complaint

Rafa BenitezRafa Benitez has been handed an ‘improper conduct’ charge by the English Football Association following comments he made following Liverpool’s opening day defeat against Tottenham Hotspur.

Liverpool lost 2-1 but can look at two second half penalty decisions, including a hand-ball, that did not go Liverpool’s way.

After the game Benitez said:

“The decisions were very poor.”

Sammy Lee, who was sent to the stands for the game, was also charged with the same offence.

Rafa has a fortnight to reply to the charges.

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Rafa charged by FA over complaint

  1. David Gill chief executive of man u and in the higher arc of the FA !!!!!!!, the word bias don’t quite cover it really ? Why do you think manure rarely get charged with anything yet they throw the book at the rest ?
    The FA are long overdue a re-haul as it is the most self indulgent , egotistic, contradictory , hypocritical and self righteous organization in the land who do nothing but keep the powers that be in power and the rest fighting for scraps from the table.

  2. Fact: No one has taken notice of Rafa’s January statements. The EPL continues on its path of favoritism towards certain managers. Well done EPL! Keep up the good work.

  3. Rafa’s only stating FACT!!!!!! There was at least 1 Stonewall Peno in that game Not sayin we deserved the point, but they’re the key decisions that make or break your season…. Sir Whiskey Face oversteps the boundaries every 2nd match An nobody bats an eye. Call it sour grapes but there is an Imbalance in the rules of conduct in Favour of the Manc Devils

  4. This charge proves how certain entities are so set to fight Liverpool Club and in this particular incident against so respectful manager that is Rafa Benitez, who never to date showed any sign of disrespect to any referee or official like many other managers. Off late referees -and also in last season- and even managers set wars agaisnt this smart coach with the pretext that he spoke ill against Alex Ferguson where he dared with guts to state the truth “a spade is a spade”, and seems they all are intent on making him and the club he manages to pay the price. So shameful that the best league in the world falls to this standard.
    Best regards

  5. So stupid the amount red nosed fergie and sometimes Wenger get away with is unreal.Also Pete C is right Rafa is one of the most respectful managers he barely ever has a go at the referee unlike others.

  6. pointless, I even read in 4-4-2 magazin Graham Poll saying the most respectful manager in the prem towards refs is Rafa Benitez

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