Rafa signs new four-year extension

Rafa BenitezAfter months of speculation and nail-biting, Rafael Benitez has finally signed the new four-year extension to his current contract,which would have expired at the end of next season. Benitez is now contracted to the club until the summer of 2014.

Upon signing this contract Benitez said,

My heart is with Liverpool Football Club, so I’m delighted to sign this new deal,” said Rafa. “I love the club, the fans and the city and with a club like this and supporters like this, I could never say no to staying. I always made clear I wanted to be here for a long time and when I complete my new contract it will mean I have spent over a decade in Liverpool.

“The club is greatly respected around the world due to its incredible history and tremendous heritage. It is my aim to uphold those values and help create a new chapter in our history.

“Throughout this process, I would like to thank the owners for their hard work in finalising the deal. All of us at the club want the same thing, which is to be successful by winning major trophies.

After victories over Real Madrid and Manchester United, this tops an incredible eight days for the Reds, and will no doubt steady the ship as Liverpool hope to pursue a 19th League title with a final push.

The owners, naturally, had their say on the matter too, first up Tom Hicks – who said:

It is wonderful news that Rafa has made a long-term commitment to the football club. Since he became manager in 2004, he has been responsible for the great progress we have made. I know he will continue to build on his achievements as he has a tremendous hunger and desire to bring more success to the club – success our fans and everyone connected with the club deserves.

And in what would appear to be a rare case of agreeing with his co-owner, Gillett also heaped praise on Benitez, saying,

With Rafa continuing to manage the team, we can look forward to more great football and success on the pitch. He has special abilities and qualities which are admired here at the club and around the world. Coming after our excellent wins over Real Madrid and Manchester United, this gives us great momentum going into the final stages of the season.

So all-in-all, a brilliant week for Liverpool Football Club, and what could prove to be a turning-point in the history of this great club – keeping Rafa.

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Rafa signs new four-year extension

  1. As most readers will know from my previous mail’s that Rafa’s style of play in the Premiership doesn’t really excite me but i’ll support him as much as possible because the club comes first!.

    Hopefully he’ll develope the team into a more attack-minded one adding much needed flair to the side.

  2. Great news, I really believe we’ve got the best manager in world football. If we can sort this ownership issue out and start generating some transfer funds comparable to Utd, just watch us go in the coming years. Still a potential double to look forward to this year and once again we’ve got lots to be happy about come the spring. The time to start worrying is when we get to April with nothing to play for and that has never happened under Rafa.

    Come on you mighty reds!

  3. Can’t go wrong with Rafa – everyone says he’s cautious, but I’ve seen some amazing attacking football these last couple of games, especially against Real Madrid.

    Here’s to Rafa!

  4. What excellent news,now lets see some more progress next year with commitment from the owners in terms of spend for the new stadium plus a few new players to get us to 45 major titles before 2010.

    Rafa is a smart man with integreity and respect for this club now he deserves every bit of hounor and good will in taking the club forward.
    lets be optimistic to finish second this year is still a major respect and massive progress in our years under Rafa.

    Our rival manager never had as much success in this short period of time at Old Trafford.

    Go on Rafa. ”Bring it home”

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