Reds agree deal for Aquilani

Liverpool agreed a fee with Roma for Alberto Aquilani yesterday. The fee for the Italian midfielder is reported to be around £20m although this is not confirmed. Aquilani

After the sale of Xabi Alonso to Real Madrid was finally concluded, the reds were given permission to discuss personal terms with the 25 year old Italian international. But the deal is still subject to a medical which is expected to take place at Melwood in the coming days.

Albert Aquilani has been out with an injury to his right ankle since March, which he had to undergo an operation on in May.

But reds boss Rafa Benitez believes that the Italian should excite the Liverpool fans.

“Roma have allowed us to talk with him, so that’s good and positive. He is a player with the quality we are looking for.

He can play a little bit higher than Javier Mascherano – maybe between him and Steven Gerrard.

He has good passing – the final ball is good – and he also works. If he can settle down properly in England he can be a very good addition.

I think the signing should excite the fans. He won the U19 European Championship with his country, and U21 too. He has some trophies – including the Italian Cup.

I always remember one game – England versus Italy U21s at Wembley, and he was man of the match in a 3-0 win.”

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Reds agree deal for Aquilani

  1. Promising sounds. Would like to see David Silva come in and Insua I believe will do more than a good job this year. When is dossena and his image rights leaving?, every penny counts. Keep Lucas every club needs a joker and he is at that!!

  2. Pete C,
    how can you say Kuyt is not a striker? He just is!
    Where did he play all those years for Feyenoord before he signed for us? Scoring a hell of a lot of goals. I was thinking maybe 4-4-2 if Aquilani doesnt settle in straight away. It is a sensible suggestion given the fact that Babel insists he’s a centre forward aswell.

  3. I think this lad will be a good member of our team BUT he needs time to settle in and getting him this late in pre season wont help us. We also need a PROVEN striker and not one of rafa’s so called team players we need a gutsy greedy player to take the burden off stevie and nando other teams juswt mark them out of the game now coz they know what they will do to you.
    Get some money off the yanks and get in there for Villa and Silva they got the cash so throw around 30 to 40 mill at Valencia they wont refuse that as they are on their arse. Get Villa up front with Torres and the title is ours. We better get in there before Fergie does coz I have had a tip off from my mate who works at the scum and the rumour is he has already spoken to Valencia BUT the thing is Villa has stated that if he leaves to come to England it is ONLY Rafa he will play for.
    What does that tell you.
    Come on Rafa get the man there.
    Premier & Champions league this year!!!!!!

  4. Aquilani is sure better then Alonso. Why ?? Young and more on attacking. That’s what Liverpool need. With Aquilani play along side with Javier Mascherano, Liverpool Midfield will look more balance in defend and attack. Gerrard now can more focus on his attacking role behind Torres. I hope this season will start and end with Liverpool FC as a CHAMPION 🙂

  5. No one knew anything about Xabi Alonso before he signed for the L’pool so lets give the new boy a chance before wanting him out!!.Seen what he can do on the youtube and believe that Rafa has got it right but concerned about his injury record.He’s expensive for penny pinchers like us but we have to pay the going rate…

    Now we should still have £10 million from the Alonso sale plus £4 for Arbeloa.£18 million for Keane together with what Rafa said he had available without having to sell giving us a total around the £40 million mark at the very least!.We MUST add a quality forward before the window closes so please Rafa do the right thing as N’go and Voronin arn’t good enough and you know it!!

  6. good signing. after i heard about his move i looked him up on youtube and some of his goals… wow. hopefully now rafa can either offer around £25mil and a player such as lucas or someone better that doesnt play for david villa or offer about £19-22mil for david silva. title winning side completed 😀

  7. Kuyt is not a striker he’s a wing forward and that’s where he plays noone is better at it given the system we play if we bought a right midfeild player who was better than Kuyt he’d be on the bench not upfront unless Torres was injured

  8. Im intruigued by this signing (if he passes his medical obviously!) because ive seen him play a few times for Roma and Italy, he looks a very good player. Although he’ll probably need toughening up a bit because he’s played his entire career so far in Serie A, and we all know what that league can be like!
    Having said that i think if he can settle in properly he’ll be a more than adequate replacement for Alonso, he’s a similar ish sort of player although he could play slightly further forward than Alonso did which would make him more of a goal threat which is exactly what we need, more players to score goals to take some of that burdon off the shoulders of Gerrard and Torres.
    Good signing Rafa now just a right winger to allow Kuyt to play up front more.

  9. Hope he turns out to be a decent signing but have reservations after hearing how good Dosser Dossena was going to be, are Italians cut out for the Premiership???????? What will Rafa do with the rest of the cash? hope he’s not willing to give it the greedy Yanks as they dont, or wont, part with thier money to easily…

    • Zola, Di Matteo, Di Canneo, Vialli…
      If a player is good enough he can play in any league.
      Rafa gets it right way more than he gets it wrong, trust the man.

      In Rafa we trust

  10. Rafa to win the league you need a creative flair player e.g john barnes type in his hey day always bit a player or two with his skills then either scored or passed to other players goal poacher like aldridge and co to finish off. In english game its mainly crosses from the wing and goal poaching which makes a difference. Also when in possession to go forward with pace. Quick passing. At the moment you need fit players david silva would be a good addition. Aquillanni will he be fit to play. Italians also mdo not adapt to the english game. Kenny was lucky to have john barnes who man utd wanted, but they got eric cantona in the later years and the difference he made with those passes and goals immense. Those players make a difference in the english game. Need another quality player RAFA.

  11. I dont know wether he is a good sining for us or not but i saw him, with roma, on one game he was very good. And i wish he is going to be the next Afield legend. God be with you handsome. And thank you Alonso for what you did in the past five years and for the MONEY too.


  12. Gamble/take a chance with Aquilani??? £20 million?
    Lets hope he can do it for us.
    Benitez job on the line if not!!
    We need a world class striker as well urgently.
    Fingers x

  13. Hi lads,
    I’m Italian and I’m a roma supporter..I’ ve seen Aquilani playing football since he was 14 years old..He is, in my opinion, one of the strongest italians midfielder..He has got a very strong shoot, he has a very good pass..I’m very angried sor his sale..
    I think that Benitez and Liverpool are doing a very good deal..In opposite than Roma!!
    Anyway I would say to him..good luck Alberto, for you and for your future..After Roma I will see your new team..and I really hope that you might win the champion’s league this year..
    Thanks for everything..good luck again!!
    Forza Roma
    P.s. I would like to apologize for my bad english

  14. Very impressed we’ve got someone in to be honest I dont know much about this guy I fell away from Serie A when it went gash about 5 years ago I like the idea of a triangle midfield though.

    Also glad to hear Rafa talk about Masch and his future role at the club very excited to start the new season even the community shield is making me wet myself with anticipation feel dirty supporting Chelski. GO AQUILANI (please no injuries and dont be the new Luuis Garcia). PC

  15. Fantastic to see us sign a replacement so quickly. Very refreshing from the dragged out sagas we’ve had for such a long time under Parry’s “guidance”

    Don’t know too much about the lad other than what I’ve read. A more attacking version of Xabi, can’t be bad can it.

    Welcome on board Alberto lad.

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