Reina wishes LFC owners would make an effort

reinaPepe Reina has become the first Liverpool player to fire a broadside at the clubs owners who pocketed around £14M in transfer fees this summer, stripping away assets from Rafa Benitez’ squad.

Reina has insisted that a title challenge is ‘unrealistic’ for the club at the moment – but clearly goes on to attack the lack of financial support from the club’s owners.

His comments suggest the Liverpool team are demoralised by this summer’s poor level of investment in the squad.

Speaking to The Guardian he said:

“We all want to win the league but right now it’s not a realistic objective.

“There isn’t frustration, there’s resignation. We know what’s in the squad; we can’t do anything about it. All we can do is roll our sleeves up, work hard and try to win matches.

“Teams like Manchester United have lots of players who can tip the balance; we haven’t got the individuals.

“There are games that get congested and we haven’t got the vision other sides boast. There is a problem.”

He then made a point of highlighting why the club do not have ‘the individuals’.

“It would be good if the owners made an effort economically.

“It would be lovely if we found ourselves in an economic position where we can bring in players and build a squad that can compete with other sides.

“But it’s up to the owners to try to bring players in, not us.”

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Reina wishes LFC owners would make an effort

  1. Respect to Pepe. Big gloves, now big balls. If we take take the frustration onto the field then we have a great fighting chance. Forgett the the yanks and lets roll our sleeves up and do it for one another.

  2. Have a go at the owners Pepe but dont bring us down saying weve got no chance of the league.
    Are we all wasting our time then following our team?
    Keep on going red men. We were good yesterday and shows we have got a chance with Aqilani still to come in. Is pepe saying Aquilani isnt up to it?

  3. Can someone explain to me in simple terms how our club can be sold to the current American owners and Mr Moores pocket a very handsome sum, then all of a sudden we are in debt and facing financial meltdown? Is it really as simple as these owners placing all their debts into our club? It makes me so mad to think of these 2 fleecing our club of the cash we make in sponsership and prize money from premier and champions league without investing it back into the team to secure future success. Sorry if this re-visiting old news but i am new to the site and would welcome someone giving me clarity on the situation.

  4. The transfer window is closed for now but prssure will be on the American’s come early next year.Every true LFC fan knows that our squad lacks the strength and depth of a Chelsea and Man Utd.

  5. ahh but Gillett said that are finances are better tha ever…….. err

    he also said a spade in ground in 60 days
    no debt on the club
    they would support Rafa in transfers no matter what ( Snoogy Doogy)

    Well said Pepe the owners DO need to make an effort and SELL UP!!!

  6. Stevie G signed a gagging-order in his new contract – that’s why he didn’t make his usual summer speech about “big signings” like he usually does every year. Im surprised nobody else has noticed this (this also applies to Rafa and other players who recently signed new contracts).

  7. spot on reina. there best contrubution would to get out. noone wants them at liverpool they are a disgrace to the club. hopeless i have never heard one fan talk a good word about them. gillett was said to have tears in his eyes selling one of his assetts in usa, now he knows how we fans feel. THE FUTURE OF LFC IS IF BOTH YANKS GO, AND NOW….

  8. is reina the new voice of reason from within? stevie g should be backing this..extra pressure on the owners from senior players is start

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