Saudi’s linked with LFC investment

Yesterday’s game at Hull City not only saw Fernando Torres land a hat-trick and Liverpool hit Hull for six, but co-Chairman George Gillett Jnr was in attendance to do some deals with a Saudi businessman.

The discussions were supposed to be about Nascar developments and football academies in Saudi Arabia, but it now appears that more important matters were on the agenda.

With Liverpool in huge debt it appears the two Americans are now considering making the waters even more muddy by introducing a third party to their complicated power-sharing arrangement at Anfield.

Speaking to Saudi media, Prince Faisal bin Fahd bin Abdullah said:

“We are currently seeking to buy 50 per cent of the shares in the club which is now suffering with debts worth £245million.

“The transaction, upon which a decision is close to be reached, will be worth 200 to 350million pounds.”

Fahd bin Abdullah chairs a Saudi investment firm called Fama.

While we welcome any investment in to the club from serious individuals with the aim of removing the staggering debt burden placed on us – we do not believe having 3 investors, none of whom have full control, would be in the best interest of Liverpool FC

After their broken promises it is clear to us that Liverpool Football Club would have greater ability to move forward without either Tom Hicks or George Gillett Jnr involved with our historic and great football team.

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Saudi’s linked with LFC investment

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  2. Hopefully this is real. Much rather they buy out Hicks and Gillett completely though if they have the financial muscle to do that and get rid of those idiots altogether.

  3. The important thing is that these Saudi’s have the money to build the stadium. With the Standard Chartered deal we’ve £20m every season, and with Carlsberg rumoured to have matched the £120m 10year stadium naming rights Emirates have with Arsenal we need this extra revenue plus the extra 20000 seats full every week and hopefully minus the ridiculous interest we’ve paid out this year on the Yanks loans. The club will perform excellent if these things happens

  4. I’m from Dallas, and believe me, Hicks cares nothing about the fans or the team. It will be such a great day when he no longer owns the Texas Rangers, Dallas Stars or LFC!

  5. It’s a start lads so we have be happy, once the guy get’s in he can push them out slowly. Get the stadium built but i don’t want to see silly money spent. If The yanks cock this deal up it’s curtains for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. That would be epic as long as the Saudi’s give us some money and try not to disrupt the team instead investing back into the club and the transfer/wage budget. It also opens up the prospect of getting more publicity to a market that’s very, very rich I like this news just wish it was a 100% take over.

    On another note welcome back Shields lad

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