Capello broke Liverpool agreement over Gerrard

Wembley Stadium England v France (1-2) Friendly International 17/11/2010 Steven Gerrard (England) today (18 November) has a scan after getting injured and had to be substitiuted Photo: Roger Parker Fotosports International Photo via Newscom

Liverpool and the English FA are on collision course after the 84th minute injury sustained by Steven Gerrard in last night’s England defeat to France.

Liverpool fans, and the Head of Fitness Darren Burgess, were furious at the FA after they had agreed with the coach to play Gerrard for a maximum of an hour in the meaningless friendly.

The first half England captain, Rio Ferdinand, was withdrawn at half time after complaining of a tight hamstring and it is this decision that is believed to have led to Capello breaking  a gentleman’s agreement with Liverpool FC.

Liverpool’s head of fitness had tweeted:

“Unbelievable from all associated with England and English FA with regard to SGs injury. Completely ignored agreement and past history,” said Burgess.

“Completely amateurish and now we pay for their incompetence. Absolutely disgraceful.”

Although for some reason he later removed his comments.

Meanwhile Capello was adamant:

“I told Liverpool he would play for an hour if possible.

“With Gareth Barry and Rio Ferdinand’s injuries we needed a senior player on the pitch. I’m upset about Gerrard.”

“They asked that he can play one hour if it’s possible. They can’t decide how long a player plays with the national team. If it’s possible, he’d have played an hour.

“I understand why they’re upset and I’m also upset. The problem is that, when you play this game on Wednesday after a lot of Premier League, Europa League or Champions League games, it’s possible there might be an injury for a player.

“The Premier League, every time, is a tough league for the players.”

Liverpool are currently assessing the players injury, however questions will continue to be asked about the importance of international friendlies, and about England’s medical staff and the warming up and training procedures employed with the national side.

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Capello broke Liverpool agreement over Gerrard

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  3. the game was going badly so ferdinand and barry bailed out probably SAF play him saturday. think players are told not to get injured in interrnationols. think barry will probably be ready saturday.compensation payable liverpool are not a one man team. no one indespensible

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  5. Annoyed doesnt even cover it.

    “They can’t decide how long a player plays with the national team” Oh right, we cant can we? well then mr capello how about you and the FA finance Gerrard’s wages whilst he’s injured if you have say over this player..think they’re untouchable that organisation.

  6. Very disappointing if we lose Gerrard for a few league matches because of this. I think Torres was injured last year due to injury, right? Probably some others also (though can’t remember for sure) and we really suffered as our squad isn’t that deep (and of course Rafa got most of the blame, unfairly in my view)…

    • “I think Torres was injured last year due to injury” — should of course say “I think Torres was injured last year due to international duty” – and come to think of it, was it a “meaningless” friendly as well???

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