Liverpool close in on Rodriguez

Argentina and Atletico Madrid’s Maxi Rodriguez is edging closer to an Anfield move.

The player is keen to move to the Premier League in a bid to ensure he goes to the World Cup next summer. The sticking point has been over pay – with Liverpool’s coffers empty the player looks likely to take a significant pay cut to move to the reds.

Most rumours seem to be that the player will arrive on a loan deal until the end of the season.

The 29 year old can operate on the wing or as an attacking midfielder and in his 8 years spell in La Liga (at Espanyol and Atletico) he has scored 58 times in just under 250 appearances.

He has been a peripheral figure for Atletico of late, although he did score 4 goals in the 6-0 win over Marbella in the Spanish Cup in November.

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Liverpool close in on Rodriguez

  1. Ye Mata’s a class act good with both feet, head and position , would love to see him in anne-road red ! but he’ll probably cost 15mil…..

  2. we are signing maxi and nicolas lodiero they are both got quality go on youtube n type in nicolas lodiero hes got skills n quality

  3. ye i just hope if we get him he actually acts like a winger not used as a central mid or keeps coming inside like others have…. quality crosses, quality passing and shots from range AKA more creativity please.

  4. A question? What does Maxi offer us that Aquilani can’t – apart from more injury free appearences perhaps? Just wondering why we spent £20M on Aquilani when he was injured and he rarely lasts a game?!

    That money should have surely gone on boosting the Strikers position for when Torres gets injured. How many midfielders do we need in the squad? Quality not quantity so lets cash in on some of the squad and produce some silverware!

    • That’s the problem at the moment if we sell players the americans take the cash and chuck it down the black hole that is our debt deficit so we have no choice in the matter ……….Greedy yanks !!!!!!

      • Shut up and try to support him. He is not gonna get better with idiots like you organizing a witchhunt. He’s been better than Stevie in the last few weeks. Do you want to make a petition to get the captain out?

        • I agree mate, it’s unbelievable that everyone still wants blood over lucas . With all he’s put up with and still workin his ass off to improve he deserves a break.

          If some of those lazy sods had put in half the effort lucas has recently we would be looking much rosier and already looking forward to the next round of the FA Cup rather than having to go through a needless replay.

  5. Once Alonso left, the shape of the team had to change. Stevie has to play in centre mid and one of the defensive mids have to be sold. We need more attacking mid players to provide creative attacking moves. I also feel we have missed Sami in defence. I feel we would be a far better attacking team if we played a 3-5-2 system. Using our three centre backs, using Rogrigues and Glen Johnson as wide players, Spearing, Stevie and Yossi Benayoun in mid. Sell Mascherano, Babel, Lucas, Riera and Voronin to get some cash to get a top class striker to help Fernando up front. We also have the likes of Amoo,Pacheco,Kelly and Eccleston as back up, all these kids are ready now why not use them and get the team ready for next season.

  6. If we dont bring in quality players in from the transfer window we’re stuffed. Our football has been awful and it doesn’t help that all our owners do is pay off debt and dont even bother coming to the matches. Get your hands on anyone that is actually good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. yeah get rude in and fast.hed be better than the dung we have on the bench even if he was playing two broken legs and a pair of wellys.

  8. This is must buy, or loan, whatever, we need players in midfield, special wide/winger midfield, Maxi could make Kuyt a bit more pressure, don´t wanna even say Maxi is couple classes better on that position.
    Would love to see another striker.

  9. We need quality and we need it fast , cum on liverpool make it happen and bring in rude too and any other quality player you can get your hands on !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. lol another winger/attacking mid we don’t really need any more I hope he’s an out and out winger especially since Riera seems to be suffering so badly. I think it’s a good signing though the calibre of player will fit in with Liverpool’s large name and hopefully being Argentinian he can build a good relationship with Insua.

    PS I know Insua looked weak against Reading but please Liverpool fans get behind this young man he’s got great potential and has still had a solid season whilst developing.

  11. This is the biggest buy since Torres…more targets like this know..players that are ACTUALLY better than the ones we’ve got already!

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