Mascherano contract talks on hold

Liverpool’s Argentine midfielder will not be discussing contract talks with the club until after the World Cup.

Back in February there was discussions as the player appeared keen to sign a new contract. However, the reds failure to ‘seal the deal’ and with Mascherano now having been released to Argentina for the World Cup preparations, it means that the reds will be sweating on one of their big midfield names.

The reds should have been keen to avoid the situation of Xabi Alonso which hampered the pre-season preparation last summer.

Liverpool are set to return to pre-season training literally days following the World Cup. ย The first Europa League qualifying fixture is set for the 29th July, just over two weeks following the World Cup – effectively meaning some players will have very little time off in the summer.

Speculation is mounting that the Liverpool board are keen on Mascherano having a good tournament to inflate his selling value.

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Mascherano contract talks on hold

  1. Don’t think we should all start blaming the manager on this one. Mascherano has been trying to engineer a move away from the club for months raking up any excuse to get out. Aparently he’s so lonely in Liverpool. Aaah what a poor man. Does ยฃ80 grand a week not buy friends? I’m sick of these foreign players that don’ give a **** about us. Apparently Fabregas is going to turn his back on Arsenal in favour or Barca? He soon jumped ship to North London when a pro contract was waved under his nostrils and the prospect of earning a few quid. Arsenal made him, gave him his chance and now its thanks but no thanks. Remind me where Mascherano was and what he was doing whe we got him? West Ham reserves? these players should show more respect. Slime.

  2. …well good riddance because even though he’s an exceptional talent the boy has allot to learn about the fundamentals of putting your team before yourself, swell as paying back a debt owed to Rafa. Alonso, owen and Macca all made the mistake of moving to real thinking that they would go on to a bigger and better club ( macca maybe doing not too bad) but it’s all bitten them in the arse hasn’t it.

    All the players thinking about leaving should take a long hard look at who was to blame for liverpools state this season and although many will say Rafa or the owners non can discount that allot of so called superstars and good players FAILED to give their all this season. So take a look in the mirror boys cuss you aren’t yet Men !!!!

  3. I just think it’s clear that allot of these players are ready to jump ship after one bad season which THEY are all responsible for . It really angers me that these players lack loyalty to the team when it was there performances on the pitch ( or lack there of) which was the main reason for our poor season. Ofcourse other factors were to blame swell but the sole reason we were 7th this year was because too many times the team didn’t put up enough of a fight.

    If Mascha wants to go then he should fuck off with his tail stuck firmly between his legs because he will struggle to get into both Barca and Real midfield at the moment thats just a fact. He was ready to walk on Rafa last year and now him and his kN*B of an agent want to do it again…

  4. once again the heel-dragging of our board has left us with the very real possibility of yet another of our very few world-class players leaving.
    I dread to think what kind of team we will have if all the speculation becomes reality! No Torres, no Gerrard, no Mascherano, no Benayoun all equals NO HOPE ! and if all that isn’t bad enough, it looks like Bungling Benny will be staying! AND THE HITS JUST KEEP ON COMING! my old lady can have him if she wants.

  5. if this is true, rafa shouldjust say, i have had enough of this, how the hell do you expect any manager to want to leave this untill after the world cup, what a situation now at liverpool its just one thing after another, buy god do need a new owner now.. asap.


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