Reds duo set for exit

Liverpool’s Andriy Voronin and Andrea Dossena are both the subject of frenetic transfer activity, with discussions believed to be underway concerning exits.

Voronin was frozen out of the Liverpool side after the appearance at Lyon away in the Champions League. At one point he refused to take a corner such was the shocking nature of his performance.

The player is believed to be in the Russian capital to discuss a deal with Dinamo Moscow.

Benitez has given up on receiving a substantial fee for Andrea Dossena.

According to Correiere Della Sport, the Napoli sporting director, Riccardo Bigon, has flown to Merseyside for talks with the player and the club.

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Reds duo set for exit

  1. These two are symbolic of the players brought into the club in the past 20 years – yes twenty years ! – and why we continue to under perform. I wouldnt trust Benitez or Houlier or Souness or Roy E with your wallet never mind my own!!! Yes we have got / had a few quality players – Alonso/ Sami Hyp/Torres but the club has wasted millions on trash. Foreign players have displaced home bred lads who would die for the shirt. Its a disgrace to all the players who have brought success to Liverpool FC for those supporters who continually accept the mediocrasy we have put up with for 20 years!!! Kuyt /Insua/ Babbel/ Lucas/Ngog etc shud not be 1st team LFC players.Show your true support and demand change. O’Neil for the job asap===!!!

  2. At least Dossena tried to give a performance, it just wasnt to be. As for that clown with the hair, who believes he is a creative playmaker and 20+ goals a season guy, good riddance. An insult to the number 10 shirt worn by greats. And who is to blame for these too incredible signings, they should’nt of been here in the first place!!

  3. they should have been gone a long time ago,in fact they should necer have been at our club,bcoz they have just brought shame to our club,finally its happening,they were just collecting wages for nothing,when in turn they wernt interested in playing&when they did play,it was a disgrace,anyway next to go must be babel,what happened to el zhar??this season he hasnt even been named on the bench let alone play,players like that should be sold,bcoz they jus add to our high&long wage bill&rafa moans he got no funds to buy players,but if you get rid of players like that then there will be money&our debts wont be ever increasing!!!rafa please wake up,get rid of those players,even if there are 10 of them,atleast we can replace them with about 3/4 quality known players!!!

  4. Yes get them ‘ouuuttt’ rite away and if possible take a few of the other looser’s along to finance other deals !

  5. I’m not sure Dossena was given much of a chance remember when Fabio kept giving the ball away and he didn’t score against Man U and Real Madrid but I’m not exactly bothered we have decent cover on that side and could do with the cash.

    Needless to say Voronin is just awful I’d snap anyone’s hand off for a nominal fee or even free he’s that bad and brings the clubs name down

  6. That shawn micheals lookalike should have been sold in the summer when we could have got a good few mill for him to the bundasliga and dossena has been a massive dissapointment since his arrival,sell babel aswell and the must be a few quid in rafas pot for a striker and maxi

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