Roy apologises to Benitez

July 28, 2010 - Skopje, FYROM - epa02264143 Liverpool's coach Roy Hodgson adress to the journalists during the press conference in Skopje, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, 28 July 2010. Liverpol FC will face FC Rabotnicki in the qualification for Europa League in the Macedonian capitol Skopje on 29 July 2010.

Roy Hodgson has apologised for his comments aimed at Benitez’ legacy at Anfield, and over comments made about Kenny Dalglish’s role.

Whether or not Roy has had his wrists slapped, his comments are welcomed and hopefully this will now end the matter.

Sitting alongside David Ngog ahead of tomorrow’s Europa League clash, Hodgson said:

“I totally agree with him that every manager needs to work with his own club.

“If I have upset him by saying something which I certainly didn’t mean to be in any way critical or negative about his work at the club, then I would happily apologise because there was never any intention to do that.

“As far as I am concerned I work at Liverpool and do my best for Liverpool, and he will work at Inter and do his best for Inter.

“I have no comments to make about other people’s opinions – I’ll allow them to make them and in this case I’ll accept them if that’s what they want to be.”

The reds kick off at 8.05pm against Napoli tomorrow, with John W Henry expected to attend his first match at Anfield.

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Roy apologises to Benitez

  1. Rafa is the past ,Hodgson is happy with a draw against Wigan considering his cup result .MARITN O NEILL is what we need id love to see who he would buy he brought sutton to celtic and won loads and brought young to villa for 10 million from watford also collins and dunne had the one of the best defence s around he was also top 3 for england job and was class for leister city ,celtic villa

  2. People, get over your obsession with Rafa who thankfully is no longer our manager though he seems to think otherwise!.Now that Roy has apoligised it would be nice to see Rafa admit his mistakes too for signing all these flops!.His negative style of play also left fans snoring on the couch!

    Realistically i want O’Neill or Hiddink as our next manager.

  3. Moses Atuwaogu says:
    Thu 04 Nov 10 at [01:56]
    “Benitez is better than roy as a manger “……
    …….”.and I will never understand he’s pursuit of gareth barry.”

    I agree with the above 2 quotes from your reply. Especially the Gareth Barry part.

  4. @Phill

    Are you mental. The whole reason we are as bad today is due to the previous owners, the previous manager and our memories fo the glory days. We need to look at the real situation – we attracted Roy as our new manager as nobody would want to manage our bandwagon. No matter what went on with Rafas buying he still bought the following noddies:

    El Zhar
    Gonzalez…to but a few.

    Rebuild time and we need a wake up call – we are not the team we were two years ago…

    • Wasnt Gonzalez signed by Houllier? I haven’t heard his name in years however I totally agree with your point I dont blame Rafa for much as he manages the team not the club which has been ran awfully. Roy needs time to build because we don’t have a good squad and he’s as good as anyone to build one of course there are some better managers out there but not much. People need to remember the players Rafa kicked out too, Baros, Kewell, IGOR BISCAN plus he’s the only reason we even have Nando.

        • Benitez is better than roy as a manger but he had very bad one on one management and I will never understand he’s pursuit of gareth barry. So ultimately liverpool have taken two steps back in roy’s appointment, bring back kenny or go in for rijkarrad and no kuyt would not walk into any 1st team. He’s a striker not a winger and he couldn’t do it as a striker so he shouldn’t be accommodated for this. Liverpool could of bought berbatov but they bought kuyt, big mistake.

  5. Get Rafa, our greatest manager for 20 years back as boss. Join the Facebook group ‘we want Rafa back at Liverpool FC.

    Do it today and pass it on. He deserves our loyalty.

  6. is he reading fans opinions and the reacting or is he just a fool. at least you apologiesd but i think
    he needs to go. we need a real manager with back bone and a brain.

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