Torres: The reds need new owners

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As the transfer window slammed shut once more, the palpable sense of disappointment could be felt from Liverpool fans all over the world.

For the 5th successive window, despite promises from the board, the reds failed to invest new money in new players as the owners asset strip the club to pay down their huge debt burden.

Fernando Torres, who only narrowly stayed at the summer, believes it is imperative that the cancer eating away at the club is removed.  Speaking from the training camp with the rest of the Spain squad he reflected on another poor transfer window.

“It is fundamental new owners arrive who can make us a competitive side.

“We’re not that far behind.

“We had an appalling season last time around but the year before we were just four points from Manchester United.

“Hopefully we can find a consortium that buys the club and can make Liverpool able to fight financially with Chelsea and United.

“Then let’s see what we’re capable of doing this season. We kept Steven Gerrard, which is fundamental. It is still a great team.

“It is a delicate situation because we are not in the Champions League but it is still the biggest club in England and to play at Anfield every week is a privilege.

“That’s how I see it.

“I like to have targets, and to be able to help bring Liverpool back where they deserve is a beautiful target

“Like every team-mate, we all want to improve and win titles and for that it is fundamental we get new owners.

“It is always complicated when you start with a new manager and new players, but we’ll see what we are capable of.”

Reports suggest that penalty fees have now taken Liverpool’s total debt to nearly £450M (including loans owed to Hicks and Gillett’s offshore companies).  The approximately £280M debt with Royal Bank of Scotland is due to be called in on October 6th.  D-day is approaching fast.

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  • Paul b

    I really feel the only way the owners will be forced to sell is if the whole club goes on strike until they leave.

  • Bob

    I think Liverpool should sell the land they bought for the new stadium to be built on. Then using thay money to get out of debt. I would prefare it having Liverpool FC out of debt than building a new stadium.

  • Imran

    There is a decoded message here by Fernando.What he really means is that if new owners don’t arrive by a certain period then i am leaving you!.He’s probably fed up with fans emotionally blackmailing him too stay whilst behind the scenes the owners keep lieing.

    If this is how he feels then i don’t blame him because new owners are no way near to be found!.Crazy demands and the endless red tape make any interested party run faster then an olympic athlete!

  • jonesey

    Can you please ask Mr Broughton and Poulson – where we are re the sale and will they resign if there is still no deal by 06/10.

  • Legend14

    If the board don’t see the biggest star on the team asking, neé begging for new owners, then I’m afraid we are destined to become property of RBS