Two LFC fans stabbed in Naples

The Foreign Office has confirmed that two Liverpool FC fans have suffered multiple stab-wounds in Naples after being targeted by Italians. A third is also believed to have attended hospital. In total Merseyside Police have announced that 6 supporters have suffered physical harm.

It is believed a group of around 10 Liverpool fans were the target of a number of gangs, driving around the Italian city on scooters last night, with the intention of targetting Liverpool supporters.

Bottles, baseball bats and knives were used on the attacks on Liverpool fans who had not long arrived in the Italian city.

Many fans have already noted that policing is practically non-existant in the city centre.

We advise all Liverpool fans in Napoli to remain vigilant, and if available use any transport laid on by the Italian authorities. We believe the British embassy have become involved and are assisting fans arriving in the Italian city.

We do not have any further details on the conditions of the hospitalised Liverpool supporters at present.

UEFA have so far not commented.

UPDATE 10:57: The Italian media have named the two Liverpool fans as Ian Lee Friar (44) and Philip Alexander Phillips (53). A third man (aged 27) was also admitted. One man has discharged himself and the other is expected to be released later today. Wounds include stab wounds in thighs, buttocks (par for the course from Italians) and the back of the skull.  The two fans are not believed to be in a life-threatening condition and are at Loreto Mare Hospital.

The incident is believed to have occured on Corso Umberto in central Naples.  Earlier an incident saw a group attack 15 British tourists dining in a restaurant. The restaurant owner, believed to be Italian, was also beaten.
UPDATE: 12:21: There are also reports of a family of four being injured. It is not clear whether they are included in the group of six fans Merseyside Police have been made aware of.

Naples police said three people had been arrested over that incident.

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Two LFC fans stabbed in Naples

  1. It would be difficult to disagree with any of the comments above and I too was very angry when I heard about the incidents. The thugs involved will no doubt be under their mother’s kitchen table for the home leg and it would be really sad if Reds reacted in the same way to their ‘probably’ well behaved fans who travel. Although difficult, I will still be in town and try and welcome the Nalopli fans and have a drink as I do with other travelling supporters.

  2. As a Millwall fan i know full well how much bias there is in policing theese days. Italy were quick to condem serbia for there actions and demand they were kicked out of the competition. But as its english fans nobody gives a damn. If england fans were roaming around on mopeds searching for italian fans to stab Sepp Blatter would be having kittens. Obviously he knows whats going on but hes not saying sod all. Cancel the game award Liverpool 3 points and get the fans home before somebody dies.

  3. they are not Napoli supporters…they are simply criminals….the napolitan people are different…they are gently people.
    these people ruin the reputation of my beautiful city and we are very sorry ….

  4. Bring them home, cancel the game and throw Napoli out of the competition.

    But they are only Liverpool supporters so EUAFA won’t even pay any attention.

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