Agger outlines reds new attacking philosophy

Liverpool, who now have 5 clean sheets in the last 6 games, remain far more attacking now under Kenny Dalglish than the previous manager – according to centre-back Daniel Agger.

Agger has missed the last two Liverpool games after picking up an injury on international duty, but could face Prague at Anfield in the deciding clash on Thursday evening.

The Dane said:

“You have to look at the team which is exactly the same (as under Roy Hodgson). Kenny came in with new ideas, and they made us really happy about playing football.

“That has been the main reason why we’ve improved defensively because we’re keeping the ball going forward.

“We will approach Thursday like we do every home game.

“Try to get forward and keep the ball, playing attacking football, and at Anfield if we play well, it will be difficult for every team.

“So we’ve got a good chance, but it’s not easy, it’s never easy in the knockout stages.

“Getting forward and scoring goals is a big part of my game. I like to have the ball and play with the ball. For me, that’s football.

“But the way I play is on the ground and to try to win football games like that. But sometimes, you have to do it in other ways.

“I don’t have a target for how many I would like to score each season. If I could, I would score 20, but I know that’s not realistic.

“Five would be nice, but it’s more important for me to keep a clean sheet. That’s what we try and do every game, and if I get a goal that’s just a bonus.”

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