André Villas Boas has NOT signed LFC deal

The 33 year old was mentioned as a target when Hodgson was still manager

Liverpool FC have NOT signed an agreement with Andre Villas Boas to become the next permanent Liverpool manager.

The Italian newspaper Gazetto dello Sport reported that the 33 year old FC Porto manager had signed a pre-contract with Liverpool. They suggested this was the reason for rejecting a move to take over AS Roma.

We have been told that the story in the Italian newspaper is completely untrue.

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André Villas Boas has NOT signed LFC deal

  1. Kenny is the only man for the job, paisley retired when he was 65, give kenny a five year contract. Boas is not fit to lace kennys boots.

  2. Id say Andre Villas Boas was FSG’s target for us but has got complicated with how well the King is doing with us.
    Andre Villas Boas at only 33 would be a prime target imo , but imo has won enough to take us on.
    And FSG might see him as a the next Boss in 2-3 years after Kenny if he keeps winning .

  3. I have been told that the story in the Italian newspaper is completely true. Is mine a better source than yours, or do we both have a friend who knows a taxi driver who had a bloke in his cab who told him……….? Poor reporting! No veracity attributed to the comment. Therefore, just another rumour!

    • This isn’t poor reporting. This is common sense. If everyone always leaked their sources, there would be no sources to do the leaking. If you take time to read something like this, it comes with the territory that you won’t have the source revealed. Your argument has been used before, and it makes sense, but it doesn’t make it poor reporting.

  4. Come now, who actually belived that anyway, the Liverpool FC website has confirmed they are in talks with King Kenny, so why would we believe a pissy little italian paper.

  5. Told by who? Just out of interest. Gazetto dello Sport is traditionally a pretty reliable newspaper.

    Not saying I believe this story as it would seem to go against what is being reported although given there is no new deal yet it wouldnt be the biggest surprise if they were looking for a “coach” under comolli rather than a manager.

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