Comolli: I share LFC fans optimism for the future

Newly re-titled as Director of Football at Anfield, Damien Comolli, has spoken to the official club magazine LFC Weekly to insist he is pleased with the progress the reds are making following the takeover in the Autumn.

“I share the fans’ optimism because the owners said things when they arrived and stuck to their words in January.

“They have shown their commitment and their backing and everything they have said they will do, they have done.

Liverpool fans have watched many disappointing transfer windows over the last 3 years in particular as the heavy debt placed on the club began to affect on the field ambitions.  Comolli in particular worked hard to secure the deal for Luis Suarez, after a particularly hard-ball negotiation from Ajax at the end of January.

“I never had any doubts about that but I think for the fans it has given them reassurance that the owners will stick to their words and that they are ambitious.

“When you talk to John Henry and ask him what his plans are for the club, the only thing he says is: ‘I want to win’.

“When that’s the starting point, everybody has to make sure that everything we do is geared in that direction. That’s the bottom line.”

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Comolli: I share LFC fans optimism for the future

  1. dear Mr Comolli, I’ m a Belgian national although i’ve lived in the UK for over 30 years. even as a child i was a Liverpool fan. whilst we’re not doing too well at the moment i share everyone’s optimism for the future. I would however like to see the odd Belgian in the team, in particular as we have some excellent players coming through. Kevin De Bruyn is only 19 but showing lots of potential. I’ m sure you also know about Eden Hazard, superb talent. I wouldn’t want Reina to go, but Genk have a superb 18 year old, worth watching, Courtois. There are some great defenders, Vertongen from Ajax and Lombaerds playing for Zenith. Lukaku has had a poor couple of months but is bound to continue to progress. all in all, worth checking out. it would be great to see a Belgian in red!
    Best regards

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