Kenny doesn’t blame injuries for defeat

Despite suffering two defensive injuries in the first quarter of the game, Liverpool caretaker boss Kenny Dalglish, refused to blame the enforced substitutions for Liverpool’s 2-1 reverse at West Brom.

He also likened the injuries to the setback suffered by Steven Gerrard in training ahead of the game.  The reds boss suggested the players should have coped with the changes.

“It never helps when you’ve got to make changes after 25 minutes. We started quite well and had a couple of chances early doors. We put two squad players on who are capable of playing.

“It might have been a little bit disruptive but we should be able to cope with that.

“Both injuries were the same as with Steven yesterday. That happened in training and it was as innocuous as the two lads today. They both did it when they were running. Daniel’s is a tendon behind his knee, Glen looks as if he’s damaged a muscle.

“Steven was training yesterday and innocuously tried to turn with the ball and felt a sharp pain. Same injury but not the same thing.

“We’ll get him assessed and by the end of the week we’ll know better about everybody.”

The gaffer also discussed the penalty incidents.

“The second one, Soto was a bit unlucky because he was fouled outside the box. There are decisions you can discuss and not convince a person with the opposite opinion that you’re right.

“The only thing I would say about the penalty kicks is that one was given by the referee, the other by the linesman. If they just tell us when the linesman takes over the authority from the referee, we’ll understand it better.

“We had the benefit of it two weeks ago in Sunderland and I don’t know why. Two weeks later I still don’t know why.

“I know the linesman is there to be of assistance to the referee but I think it’s important for them to tell us when a linesman can overrule the referee. Communication is always good.

“But we can’t dictate referees’ decisions, only our own.

“There is food for thought for us – there are things we’re happy with and other things we’re disappointed with.”

Liverpool face Man City a week on Monday at Anfield, although it is too early to say if any of the reds injuries will have cleared up by then.

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