Reina holds hands up over performances

Pepe Reina today insisted that his form had not been good enough for the reds and vowed to end the season in a more reliable fashion.

After keeping a total of 6 clean sheets in the 7 previous games (a goal for Wigan the only blemish on the record), Reina let in three against West Ham as the reds were sunk in their Premier League clash at the weekend.

The Spanish stopper said:

“Keeping those clean sheets was about not making mistakes, first of all.

“I did a couple of them on Sunday and I felt really disappointed with my performance individually.

“I won’t hide behind any team-mates – I was poor and I have to recognise this and keep learning from the mistakes.”


Reina also praised the arrival of Kenny Dalglish.  Reina appeared to have an especially turbulent relationship with Roy Hodgson, and his assistant from Fulham Mike Kelly:

“It speaks for itself. He was a great footballer for this football club. He knows exactly what the people are thinking in each moment and that’s what he tries to explain to us.

“His comments about football are always about the philosophy of Liverpool and how when we face any rival it depends on us. He tells us to trust ourselves and to be positive at all times so the people are with us.

“Training is realistic and you find that what you’ve prepared during the week is what happens on a Sunday. That’s important. We are prepared.”

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Reina holds hands up over performances

  1. Pepe must be really worried that the ‘bigger clubs’ won’t want to buy him on current form. Used to have a great deal of respect for the man until he started fishing for a transfer. I hope he does improve and he leaves for a very large fee that the club can use to buy a younger safe pair of hands.

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