Dalglish wants the same again from Anfield crowd

Kenny Dalglish insists that the Liverpool fans will have a vital role to play as the reds dust themselves down before heading in to another cup game this weekend.

The reds take on Manchester United at home early Saturday afternoon, less than 3 days after a pulsating semi final that saw the Anfield club seal their passage to Wembley.  The two clubs met in the 3rd round of the competition last season in Kenny’s first game in charge.  The game was noted for a first minute penalty for United and a harsh sending off for Gerrard which saw Liverpool play with 10 men in the 1-0 defeat at Old Trafford.

In his pre-match interview Dalglish said:

“The performance from everybody who’s got a feeling towards Liverpool Football Club on Wednesday night was fantastic.

“The supporters were magnificent. They kept the players going, and the players kept them going. They both helped each other.

“Over the two legs we were certainly the better side and we deserved to go through.

“We just need everybody to be at the same level on and off the pitch on Saturday.

“If we play like that and get the support we got, we’ll give ourselves a better chance of progressing in the FA Cup.”

Although the reds are through to Wembley in one competition, the manager insists that as difficult as it is, the players need to put those thoughts to the back of their mind.

“Getting to Wembley is always a very pleasant experience but we’ve got a lot of games between now and then. We can’t get carried away with it, we can’t let it block our real intention, which is to compete in every single game we play in.

“We’ve got our reward, but this is now a different challenge and it’s one we’ve got to rise to if we want to progress in the FA Cup.”

Liverpool against Manchester United kicks off at 12:45 tomorrow.

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Dalglish wants the same again from Anfield crowd

  1. to the FULL tune of 5 times

    We’re going to wem-ber-ley,
    it’s thanks to craig bel-arm-y
    he picked his spot, and he took a shot and we’re through…..

    man city went out……
    man city went ou——— t
    they can keep their millions,
    they’ve nothing to shout…..

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