Graphic: LFC league performance after 27 games

Liverpool's league improvement on Brendan Rodgers first season in charge is obvious to all Liverpool fans.

But how well are we doing compared to the same stage over the last 28 years, including 3 title winning seasons in 1986, 1988 and our last title in 1990.

This chart shows how many points LFC had after 27 games in each of those respective campaigns, and the manager who was at the helm for all or the majority of that season.

LFC League Points Totals after 27 games (1986-2014)

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Graphic: LFC league performance after 27 games

  1. LFC Chicago Red

    Is it me or is Sturridge beginning to play ball hog? Isn’t this why he was benched at Chelsea? SAS worked the best when the fed each other. They terrorized defenses with their partnership. They didn’t know who to stop so they didn’t stop either. Brendan, please remind Sturridge of the speech you gave him at the beginning of the season, we lose as a team and we win as a team.

  2. 4 – 3 is a win, of course – but too close for comfort…! Much more emphatic wins in future, please, Brendan…!!! Kolo Toure alone has lost us at least 6 points this season by gifting our opponents…! Is he a ‘match-fixer” or what…???

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