Liverpool stay top of the league (for paying agent fees)

The 20 team Premier League paid out a whopping £130 million in transfer agent fees last year. 

£130M would be enough to cut the cost of every Premier League ticket by approximately £10.  This money is usually spent in a player purchase but can also be handed over when a player signs a new contract extension.

For Liverpool - it was even worse.

The reds topped the table - spending more than any other club - an astonishing £14.3M (this amount could cut the cost of every Premier League ticket at Anfield by almost £17!)

Man Utd (£13.8M) and Man City (£12.4M) completed the top three.  The figures cover the period of October 2014 to September 2015.

According to the Echo Liverpool spent a sizeable chunk of this on buying out a third party who had ownership rights connected with Roberto Firmino.

The £14.3M spent by Liverpool is almost identical to the amount they spent in the previous 12 months - when they were also the league leaders.


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