Klopp defends Mignolet: ‘Don’t make it bigger than it is’

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp, like LFC fans, will have gone through the full range of emotions during the 90 minutes at the Emirates.

At 1-0 up before half time he appeared angry on the touchline as the reds failed to add to their first half total.

After the game he spoke to the TV companies:

"You need to be angry with yourself, not sad or insecure. We came back into the game and scored our third. The point is the minimum we deserve.

Because of the intensity of the game it was not easy to create clearer chances. When you get a point at Arsenal it is usually OK but after this give me a few minutes to get there.

He continued:

"Three goals at Arsenal should be enough.

We defended most of the time pretty well. We did not give space away.

After they score the first and the second, it is not easy but we need to deal with these situations better."

He was asked about Arsenal's second goal which saw Simon Mignolet beaten by a Xhaka shot from some distance.

"He (Mignolet) misjudged it. A second hand would have helped but that is how it is. You don't need to make it bigger than it is. It felt like we shouldn't have conceded but we did.

He then turned to addressing the topic of 'team defending':

"Defending is a team thing. Today we make individual mistakes and that is not cool.

My job is to think about the performance and that was a winning performance. If you want, the draw is our halfway win. We are always a better side when we draw. We have to take the good things and work on the lesser good things."

Liverpool have drawn 8 of their 19 Premier League games this season, only one less than the 9 wins.

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