VIDEO: The Origins of Liverpool FC – 1892

Today marks the start of celebrations surrounding 125 years of Liverpool Football Club.

On the evening of March 15th 1892, Everton Football Club, who had been in rent arrears to club president and stadium owner John Houlding, formally removed him from his post after a vote at their annual general meeting.

He was voted out by over 95% of Everton members following the Anfield rent dispute.

As Everton had essentially been formed from a local methodist church Sunday league team - many of it's original members were never keen on Houlding as his business interests included the alcohol trade.

LFC to wear special club crest next season

After he was removed from office at Everton he was left with a football ground, Anfield, and no team to play there.

So, there would be a new football club which he proposed, on the 30th March 1892, to be Liverpool Football Club.

On the 3rd June 1892 the club was officially created and lodged with the then Board of Trade.

This short video from LFC gives a brief overview of the events leading up to 1892.

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