Klopp – City bus damage ended the euphoria of our own Anfield welcome

The Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has once again criticised those fans involved in the 'bus incident' before the Man City clash.

He said that all the good feeling of the welcome for the Liverpool team was shattered instantaneously when he arrived at Anfield.

He was speaking to the press ahead of tomorrow mornings Merseyside derby and it was the first question.

'It's so strange, you go with your own bus through your crowd and it feels fantastic its great, its support, its everything, its passion.  Then you get in the stadium and then the first thing I heard is that something smashed on the Man City bus and it just kills everything in that moment.

'You can't be happy anymore - you can't feel it anymore.  You give people the opportunity to do something good and then because of a few idiots it might never happen again.

'Atmosphere during the game was one of the best I've ever experienced.  But I've changed my view.  It's not like it should have been.'

Liverpool have been charged by UEFA - with a total of 4 charges due to be discussed at the end of May.

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