Klopp ‘over the moon’ as training resumes for Liverpool

For a man who clearly enjoys the company of others, it is no surprise that Jurgen Klopp admitted he was 'over the moon' at the return of training.

The unanimous decision on Monday by all Premier League clubs to return to small group training was welcomed by the Liverpool boss, and players and staff at the cclub have undergone testing ahead of the slow return to training.

Yesterday, many players underwent lactate testing - an almost symbolic event traditionally seen at the beginning of pre-season.

Speaking to LFC, Klopp said:

'I was over the moon, I would say. I couldn’t wait for a while now, so I am really happy that we are able to do this again – going back to Melwood, having small group training and stuff like this.

It will be intense, for the coaches especially because a lot of players in small groups means a lot of sessions, but we’ve had enough time to rest so we will be fine. Can’t wait.

I always said we don’t want to rush anything, but I don’t think it is rushed. It is for the first step, for this kind of social distancing training and we have five players. '

Klopp highlighted that while he had no concerns over players fitness, it was all about getting that specific match sharpness back over the coming weeks.

'From a physical point of view, the boys are in a good shape, I think. Then we have to start getting used to the pitch, football boots and balls again; that’s our job, that’s what we do, so we need to get used to that again.

For the body that’s a big challenge because these little turns and stuff like this, these football-specific things, they make all the difference. It’s like when you come back from an injury, the boys are fit really early from an endurance point of view – they could run a marathon probably! – but the moment you start playing football, you can see how different it is.

The Liverpool boss highlighted that the players are raring to go.

Klopp was quick to praise how the Bundesliga got on top of the eventual 12 positive test results, isolated those individuals and returned to action last weekend.  He added that although he has enjoyed spending more time with his wife - the time had come to return to his job.

'I think the way how we do it now with the Premier League, it’s now a good moment to do it for the football teams. Then other things, for sure, will follow.

Again, it’s not about what is the most important thing, because that’s clear: dealing with the situation, dealing with the virus, making sure all the people are safe, help each other and stay at home as often as possible. Do as much as you can to do the right thing, if you want.

But then, from a specific moment on, you have to start with the future again. That’s now a little step, not a big one, but a little step.

From a personal point of view I can say it’s a massive boost, a massive boost because I really love being together with Ulla in the house, great, and having time for different things, but I’m a football manager and I want to be together with the boys. Now I can at least have them piece by piece, five pieces by five pieces, so I really can’t wait.'

Liverpool lead the Premier League by 25 points, and have nine fixtures remaining.  No date has yet been set for a return to Premier League action, but it is rumoured to be the middle of June.

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