A Letter to America – Part 2

Dear Tom & George,

I’m sure you have been watching the events of the last few days with interest with regard to the events at Manchester City and assessing how this will impact one of your own business interests – i.e. Liverpool Football Club.

This takeover by Abu Dhabi will clearly have a major impact in English and World Football but it has come at exactly the right time for both of you. Had this takeover happened 2 weeks earlier when the transfer window had more than a few hours remaining, Manchester City could have bought 5 or 6 major world stars and become a very realistic prospect for at least a Champions League place.

As it is, they were able to demonstrate their intent with several bids but only one acquisition. Good as Robinho is, he is unlikely to transform the team alone in surpassing Liverpool in their league standing. Imagine the situation though 12 months from now when they have spent £200 Million plus. With that level of investment the absolute minimum they would expect is to be challenging for the title next season.

Liverpool are still clearly some way off making a similar challenge and though the team may have improved slightly from last season, so have Man Utd and Chelsea and there is no real confidence that we will catch them this year. The stadium, with no signs of a start to construction is potentially years away and the revenue this would bring at the moment is little more than a pipe dream.

We are in real and immediate danger now of losing ground in our league and financial position and for yourselves this obviously means a fall in the value of the club and your ability to realise a healthy profit. In the short-term, this takeover of Manchester City may (due to the laws of supply and demand) increase the value of other clubs ripe for a similar takeover from wealthy billionaires.

The valuation of course is based on the potential earnings of a club as well as the assets it holds. You could find yourselves in a situation where the star players begin to leave due to frustration at the lack of progress by the club. Without Gerrard, Torres, Carragher and Reina and a 5th place finish in the league, how much would Liverpool be worth then?

I understand that DIC have tabled another offer (or are considering) for the club that would give each of you a profit of around £75 Million. In 18 months this represents a huge percentage return on your initial investment and I would urge you both to take it as soon as possible. Come January when the next transfer window opens, it might be too late and you will live to regret it as you see your profits gradually eaten away by those clubs who took the opportunity at the right time.

Yours sincerely,

Nick Clemons

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A Letter to America – Part 2

  1. Just a reminder , Mr Tom and Mr George, football is round not oval or elongated. Get your facts right. We are not your servants and neither you a football fan. Everybody knows you both are money and trophy fans.
    Please,do not pollute the Liverpool atmosphere.Please leave your culture in your country.We don’t need them. And we don’t need the attitude!!!

  2. Redgary. Your geography is very bad. The UAE is made up of 7 sheikhdoms Dubai and Abu Dhabi being the largest two of them.
    Before you start trying to be clever can I suggest you educate yourself. In future only make comments that make sense.

  3. Nick, I see you have never been in the Shuk. They are tough bargainers- perhaps not the equal of the Armenians, but tough – and I sincerely doubt that they don’t know about the credit crunch and the problems of the Americans. I would not bet on there being any profit at all for the Americans, who will in the end be glad to get out without losing what they had to post as collateral.

  4. Don’t know if “Ofortuna” is a red or not but can somebody educate him that DIC are not from UAE.Different country different city and different royal family !!!!!

  5. Please I beg you, G&H, please leave.

    You are suffering and so are we. You know the dream is over and so do we. You know the stadium ain’t gonna fit the bill and so do we.

    Imagine what it would be like for fans like us. Come one, pick up the phone, call Amanda, tell her you’ll deal.


  6. yes, yes, yes, but are they as astute as they are fucking cantankareously, obstutely, stubborn?? i think they have got to an age that if it wasn’t for the fact that they are so wealthy, no one would even give them the remote control to the tv – and yet these twats are running (ruining) our club – even though they don’t own it – the banks of scotland and wachovia actually do – but also, they now MUST see that they are harming the clubs future – but they still won’t sell – please someone…. HELP! its MY toy, i’ll break it rather than let someone else play with it…..

  7. As hopeful as i am, i don’t think this letter will make a jot of difference to the yanks, we have all seen how stubborn and pig headed they are( and that’s just to each other. They think because they own LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB, the club with the biggest and best history in the game that no one can touch them. It will only be when the bank of Scotland foreclose on the loan(s) they have or LFC are sitting mid table at the end of a season with fans boycotting home matches to hit the pockets of the yanks that they will THINK about doing something drastic like selling. They are not bothered about the club, the fans or the rest of the board, money and stature is all that matters to them and the people in the states won’t know half of what’s being felt by our ever present fans, so over the water they will probably still be George and Tom who own Liverpool football club. I don’t know what to suggest, apart from D I C make them an offer they can’t refuse, sorry about the doom and gloom but with these people in charge how else can we feel.

  8. Could not agree more! The Americans have know idea of what this club means to the fans. If they stay at the club the future will be bleak and I hope they can see this. The current financial climate will not allow them to lend against the club to build the stadium or buy top players. My fear is they will try and wait it out which could take the best part of 2 years before the financial cliamte changes again. By this time Man city ,Manu Ur and Chelski will have spent 3 or 4 times as much as us on players won the league ,champions league ,FA cup and the League cup while we will be fighting for 4th place place with a very good Arsenal side. I pray we are good enough for that fight because if we are not then the knock on effect of not qualifying for champ league will be massive. I hope and pray the Americans can see this and do the right thing for the club and fans and sell to thise who can compete in the game with the above mentioned 3 clubs. I jst can’t under stand what they hope to achieve. Surley they can see that they need more money than what they can offer. It was just BS sold in a pretty pack that got them here. Parry and Moore sold out and I hope they don’t sleep at night.

  9. ofortuna, the people behind DIC, have already stated that they are still interested in buying liverpool, even after man city had been bought out, plus i take it your a city fan speaking like that

  10. Although City are a long way off from being title contenders I do think you’ve undersold them and the impact they will have on us THIS season. As well as Robinho, City also signed Shaun Wright-Phillips, Brazillian starlet Jo and the Argentian full back. This compliments a team brimming with youthful talent including Richards, Johnson and Sturridge and also includes Petrov and Elano. OK so they might be a bit thin after that but I would say as a first eleven they aren’t to far off us!

  11. dream on..it won’t happen. You don’t understand the UAE people. If more clubs are purchased they won’t be in the premier league. It is a much better PR prospect for the UAE to have clubs at the top of prem, la liga and serie A than have them fighting each other in the prem. Liverpool had it’s chance, but failed to recognize that these guys from UAE do not do auditions and when you asked for time to do your due dilligence on them you lost it forever. This is not like horse racing or building the tallest tower block, competition in the football is tribal, they not will fight each other. It’s all Manchester City now and it’s called Karma..

  12. i totally agree with comments above if these two guys are astute as i believe they are in that they bought the club in the first place i think they are coming too a time when they will have too take a look at the current climate an realise in a business way now is probably the best time too ofload the club if dic are serious with the offers that keep getting printed in the press please for liverpools sake sell the club

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